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Mar 4, 2007 05:35 PM

New Fortune Dim Sum

Went there again to give them another chance. Once again, nothing to brag about. The shrimp dumplings were soggy, the shrimp crepes were falling apart, the taro cakes were cold, the sieow mai was hard, and the place was dumpy. Nothing else on the carts looked appetizing.

I don't know how they can ask customers to sit on tables that are about to fall apart, and that place needs some serious investment in lighting. The best thing today was that the paper towels in the bathroom were nearby the door, so I didn't have to touch anything after washing my hands. Anyone who wants good dim sum needs to be near Wheaton/Silver Spring or Rosslyn/Falls Church. This place is way over hyped.

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  1. Where do you recommend for Dim Sum in Silver Spring/Wheaton? I'd love to know!

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    1. re: jenikap

      I've had good experiences at Oriental East and Silver Fountain. Subpar experiences at Hollywood East, and average experiences at Good Fortune and China Chef.

      1. re: Chownut

        Does anyone know if the seafood soup dumplings (Gwoon tong gao) are on the menu at Good Fortune in Wheaton?

    2. I went to New Fortune yesterday and found them ok, not great. I agree they do need to invest in some new furniture and lighting. As for the food, we quickly got some of the items we wanted--and then waited forever as we watched some carts circle the (huge) room and turn off before even nearing our corner.

      For me, Good Fortune is a lot closer, and the food tastes/looks better.

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      1. re: Chocolatechipkt

        New Fortune and Lucky 3 are owned by the same lady, and it's clear to me that Lucky 3 is a bit better. Going to such a large restaurant for dim sum greatly increases your chance of getting a table, but also decreases your chance of getting good dim sum or getting any dim sum for that matter.

        During my time there, the same carts with undesirable options kept coming around. Didn't see any egg custards at all, nevermind other popular stuff. The funny thing is that the hostess told me dim sum ends at 1600, but they stop serving the popular stuff well early.

        People working there are just going through the motions. There's no incentive for them to do a great job to ensure people come back b/c people will come back anyway. They're really the only game in town in those parts, and people just like to go to big joints, whether good or bad.

      2. I accidently found it. Authentic Chinese dim sum and very good. Owner lady from Hagerstown. My sis' house was near by. Cant remember the name but by Ga Ave and Viers Mill intersection I think. Big fish tank in front with Tilapia.

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        1. I think Oriental East is the best bet for dim sum. The long lines outside every weekend definitely indicate there's something good in the restaurant. However, in my experience, you need to get a good seat otherwise by the time the cart gets to your table, you wont be left with much. It's best to sit near the kitchen door where the food comes out, so you'll be the first served. If you sit near the back of the restaurant and its packed... good luck. The more aggressive customers will walk straight up to the carts and request what they want.

          New Fortune is a disgrace. They definitely misrepresent "dim sum." Besides, I believe Oriental East and New Fortune are about the same price? I live in the Rockville area and I would rather sit through 40 minutes of traffic to get to Silver Spring for Oriental East than drive 5 minutes and get a load of poo.

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          1. re: mh1188

            Just to add, it's tough to pick your table when the joint is packed. The only way is if you defer your table when it's your turn, to wait for a better one.

            Another strategy is to ask your waiter/waitress to get you the stuff from the kitchen. Most of the waitstaff is generally just running around and not dealing with dim sum, b/c the dim sum cart people take care of that. But, if you get an attentive waiter/waitress, just ask them to get it.

            At New Fortune yesterday, we probably would have starved if we relied strictly on the dim sum. That's why I ordered a pan fried noodle dish from the kitchen. Speaking of which, has anyone eaten at their "noodle shop" section? Wonder how their wontons and noodle soups are.

            1. re: mh1188

              I always found Oriental East's dim sum to be way too heavy on things wrapped in dough. Just too much dough. But for me it's been a few years so maybe it's different now.

              I preferred HEOTB, and liked NF too, but on weekends. Maybe Chownut's so-so experience at NF was due to the weekday aspect..... Getting the right table at NF is key, however. Near kitchen is important.

              1. re: johnb

                What weekday aspect did I speak of?

                1. re: Chownut

                  There is a post of yours above dated March 5 (9:38 am), in which you spoke of being at NF "yesterday." OTOH, March 5 is today and my post was already yesterday March 4. Hmmm. Must be a CH computer glitch going on here. I retract my earlier comment.

                  1. re: johnb

                    March 5.... 2007!

                    But I find it useful that the thread was reborn, myself.

                    1. re: mselectra

                      Ah, you are so right (dope slaps himself). I usually pick up on these reborn threads, but this one I certainly missed. Thanks for clearing that up.

                      How often does one of these threads restart exactly 1 or 2 years from when it was left off?

                      1. re: johnb

                        In spring, a young man's thoughts turn to... dim sum?

                        I was just lurking on this thread, probably shouldn't have said anything, but I couldn't resist.

                        1. re: mselectra

                          You'd be surprised to note that Dim Sum is offered year round.

                          1. re: Chownut

                            Sorry you missed my joke in response to johnb re the thread's rebirth in spring, a lame attempt on my part I'm sure.

            2. Are people going to get New Fortune dim sum during the weekdays? I've heard that their weekday dim sum is really weak, but that their dim sum on the weekends was much better. I've only gone during the weekends when it's packed, and I've always had a good experience.

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              1. re: bitstreamer

                I've only been to New Fortune on a Sunday, and it is packed, mainly with ethnic Chinese. I do like that they have a very large variety of items. However, I find that the dim sum at Hollywood East on the Blvd. (Univ. Blvd. in Wheaton) is much better and they offer some selections that you just cannot find anywhere else.

                1. re: dinwiddie

                  In Falls Church, go to Mark's Duck House. It's across the street (route 50)from New Fortune. It has the best dim sum in all of NoVa.

                  1. re: fachauncie

                    That be Fortune, not New Fortune.

                    I have a friend who went recently and said that although the dim sum was okay, the service was poor.

                    1. re: Chownut

                      At Fortune? Yes ... and I've found myself rushed through a meal and suddenly out outside not long after beginning. Not the relaxing experience.

                    2. re: fachauncie

                      I am not so sure about the quality of Mark's duck house dim sum anymore.....the last few times hasn't been all that great....Canton Cafe in Springfield is my new personal fave....good service and food. We go there so often that the owner knows us : / hehe

                      1. re: vafoodie86

                        I tried Canton Cafe recently, after not going for a long time. I wasn't impressed. The dumplings and wontons were hard, nothing compared to Mui Kee's soft billowy ones. Soup was flavorless. Service was better than it used to be, though.

                        Mark's Duck House changed hands and I've heard the quality has gone down hill but haven't been myself lately.

                        1. re: chowser

                          Since when did Miu Kee start serving Dim Sum?

                          1. re: Chownut

                            It doesn't. I was talking about the dumplings and won tons at Canton Cafe vs Miu Kee. I wouldn't go back to Canton Cafe. When it first opened, it was a decent place, good jook, but quickly went down hill. We stopped going but with recent reviews tried again.

                            1. re: chowser

                              That's a shame. I'm south of Old Town and there's really no place serving anything like Cantonese. Can you recommend anything around Springfield that's Cantonese/Korean? Seoul Garden? Gamasot?

                              1. re: monkeyrotica

                                I don't know anything about the Korean restaurants in this area but need to ask around because I'd like to find one. Mostly, I have it at friends' houses. Oddly, the best Korean food I get out is at Hunan East in Burke but it's not on the menu. The owner is Korean and she's nice enough to hop back and make chap chae for me when I ask. I think she'd be open to making other food, too, if it weren't busy. I wouldn't go for the Chinese food, though. There really isn't a good place for cantonese food (any chinese food) in this area.

                                1. re: monkeyrotica

                                  You should try Sampan Cafe. They do dim sum which isn't consistent. But their entree dishes are pretty good. Lobster special for $12.99.

                                  1. re: monkeyrotica

                                    Springfield is pretty close to Annandale/Koreatown. Why do you need to look so hard?

                                    1. re: Chownut

                                      Seriously, if I you correct about finding Korean (I'm not sure about any Korean places that does Cantonese), just go to Little River Turnpike and pick any block between the beltway and 395 and start trying any place that has majority Asian customers. Preferably a place with mostly Korean writing and not much English in sight.

                                      1. re: Chownut

                                        I don't know about monkeyrotica but I'm farther south so it takes me about 15 minutes to get to Springfield and 15 more to get to Annandale. If he's south of Old Town, he's probably in the same situation.

                                        1. re: chowser

                                          Honey, I think it's probably worth the drive.

                                          The only thing I usually regret after eating a korean joint is the smell on my clothes...and later, the bill on my CC.

                                          It's not hard making your own kalbi at home, and just cook on the grill.

                                          Are you close to any Korean markets way down south thare?

                                          1. re: Chownut

                                            I've found it easier to go to my friends' houses. ;-) But, you're right, once ski season is over and I have weekends again, I'm heading over to Little River Turnpike.

                                      2. re: monkeyrotica

                                        Depends on what you mean by Cantonese. The closest authentic Cantonese places like you'd find in Hong Kong are Full Key at Bailey's Crossroads, Miu Kee just a bit further up in Falls Church, and Marks Duck House, also in Falls Church.

                                        1. re: dpan

                                          Across from Mark's now is another Cantonese place called XO Taste.

                                          They have roast meats and everything like Mark's, except no dim sum.

                                          Roast meats are cheaper, and pretty good. Roast duck is excellent. $20 for the bird.

                                          I've heard that they are related to the Full Key at Bailey's.

                                          1. re: Chownut

                                            Across from Mark's? Where is it exactly? I was in that shopping center just last weekend and I have no idea what you're talking about.

                                            1. re: Ericandblueboy

                                              It's in the Willston 2 shopping center (Target), right next to the BB&T Bank. The last store in that corner of the strip mall, and directly across the street is CVS (Willston 1).

                                              Their sign is not up yet, but there's a minivan parked right in front that has a banner.