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Mar 4, 2007 05:32 PM

Favorite Cup of Coffee Brewed Yourself

What is your most favorite cup of coffee that you are able to brew yourself? I am looking for a medium roast mocha flavored coffee much like Starbuck's without Starbuck's prices. I don't have a press nor a grinder. Just something to brew with maybe some additives such as cream, flavor etc.

Any suggestions on what is good out there?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. I'm not a fan of flavoured coffees - I use Trader Joe's French Roast and, as I'm the only coffee drinker in the household of three, I use a cone filter and make one cup at a time. Recently, I've taken to using soy milk instead of regular milk - I find it is more creamy.

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      amen to the soy milk...I never turned back

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        I also don't like flavored coffees (or coffee-flavored beverages). My favorite coffee to brew at home is the KGB blend from this local coffee company:

      2. Two suggestions: 1) try the Spanish style coffee, like Goya and Bustelo and 2) try the New Orleans style, like Cafe du Monde or French Market. (PS the Hispanic markets give the best deal on the former and the Vietnamese markets give the best deal on the latter.)

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          Thank you for the heads up. I try many different flavors, but I tend to keep going back to MillStone's Swiss Chocolate Almond. Anyone else like MillStone?

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          1. I buy my coffee (whole bean) via mail order from Porto Rico Importing in NYC ( They ship it to me on the day it's roasted and I get it the next day here in PA. Their prices are about half of Starbuck's and I've found their coffee to be very good. Most of their coffees are available in 4 different roasts, and they'll custom blend your selections if you like.

            1. I like the Gevalia brand coffees. Their peaberry is really nice and they have some other great roasts also.

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                That brand is actually made by Maxwell House. A marketing research study many years ago helped them create a "foreign" sounding brand name -- not unlike Hagen Dazs did -- and marketing campaigns have promoted the brand as upscale.

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                  Gevalia is actually Swedish and has been around in Europe for a while: