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Chowfamily Seeks Atlanta Tips

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Greetings Atlantans and others in the know,
Wife and I are heading to Atlanta with the two little ones in tow. We've never been before, and we're looking for local places on the casual side that serve good food despite being family-friendly. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner suggestions are welcome. We'll be staying near the High Museum, but exploring much of the city, including the Aquarium and the Botanical Gardens, so we're not limited to a particular area. Thank you for your assistance.

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  1. Here's my list for family friendly. Lots are local chains w/ multiple locations.

    Figo Pasta
    Taqueria Sundown (same as Taqueria del Sol, Cheshire Bridge one seems to be a little more kid friendly, the others can be downright bitchy about it at times; hopefully they've added another high chair or two since the remodel); be sure to grab baklava or a napoleon at the International Bakery next door
    Star Provisions lunch counter (at the higher end)
    OK Cafe
    Fellini's Pizza
    Houston's- chain, but they do a good food
    Eclipse di Luna- tapas, can be really loud if you're inside and they have music; open for lunch too
    5 Seasons Brewing- a bit of a drive from Midtown, but they do very good food/beer and we were there w/ friends/kids just the other night
    Greenwood's on Green Street- in Roswell, this is the furthest afield, but it's worth the drive

    There are lots of others. And you can search to find out more on any of these. I finally made it to the Aquarium a few weeks ago, and it was all that and then some.

    1. There are several restaurants on Crescent Ave in Midtown Atlanta that you could try.
      Downtown Decatur is another area to check out.
      One of my favorite places is Shorty's Pub on N. Druid Hills near Toco Hills. Very good pizza's salads etc.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions so far. Please keep'em comin'.
        Any good Thai, Korean, or (not-too-Americanized) Chinese places?

        1. My kids like Hae Woon Dae for Korean. They deliver hot coals to the table for a little extra excitement with your bulgoki. Also you can add the little fish to the usual panchan dishes for salt and entertainment.

          There is a post for dim sum below. Our family prefers places where the turnip cakes are on the griddle. That means China Delight as Canton House leaves them on the plate. If location is an issue Hong Kong Harbor on Cheshire Bridge is ok on weekends.

          One more eat at the table place is Huong Giang on Buford Highway just north of Clairmont. They do pretty good hot pots and steamed items in bannana leaves. Everybody is happy.

          1. Try the Korean goodness of 88 Tofu House (Buford Hwy at 285) and fantastic Thai at Little Bangkok (Cheshire Bridge Rd). For great higher end try Taurus (about 1 mile north of the High on Peachtree Street). Also, southern food served family style Mary Mac's Tearoom(Ponce de Leon and Myrtle St). Six Feet Under has a great deck where you can see out over historic Oakland Cemetary and the skyline of Atlanta and a great key lime pie (Memorial Dr SE at Cherokee Ave) and next door you will find the best brunch in the city at Ria's Bluebird. My kids love all these places!

            1. Good food and family friendly picks:

              Sushi- Thaicoon and Sushi Bar (best sushi in Atlanta!), Midtown/Emory Area
              Surin- Thai, Virginia Highlands
              Agnes and Muriel's- American Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Midtown
              La Fonda- Cuban/Spanish, Midtown (Fellini's Pizza same owner, always next door)
              Sun in My Belly- Eclectic American Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Inman Park
              Planet Bombay- Indian, Little 5 Points
              Downtown Decatur, very family friendly area. Sage is nice, Watershed, Taqueria de Sol, Brickstore Pub (excellent beer list and chicken fingers!)

              Have a nice visit!

              1. Figo Pasta and Fellinis Pizza are very child-friendly restaurants.

                1. Thanks for the suggestions. We are now back from our Atlanta trip during which we made use of some of the suggestions offered here. All around our experience was good.

                  We dined one evening at Mary Mac's Tea Room. We really liked it. Good fried chicken and collard greens, okay macaroni and cheese, great fresh bread. The chicken and dumplings was a bit canned-cream-of-chicken-soupy, but everything else was quite good. Very reasonable prices too.

                  The next morning we found our way to Ria's Bluebird. What a find! It's a small cute box of a restaurant across from the cemetary. Fantastic pancakes. They were fluffy without being cakey. Or, to put it kind of strangely, they had a vertical elasticity that added a bit of bounciness to them, but no corresponding horizontal elasticity (which is good, otherwise they would have been chewy--which they weren't). I don't know how they do it, and I make pancakes from scratch a lot.

                  Hong Kong Harbor was great, too. I noticed they had the salt & pepper shrimp listed on the menu as being without heads and shells, which I had never seen before, and seemed weird--isn't the great attraction of that dish how crunchy and delicious the shells are? Anyway, I asked for that with heads and shells, which they were happy to make for me. We had a good version of garlic eggplant and a decent gingery chinese broccoli dish, too. The restaurant strikes me as the kind of place that probably has a fantastic invisible menu. If I lived in Atlanta I'd probably make a pest out of myself asking them to make me what they make themselves for dinner.

                  Taquieria Del Sol made for a tasty, quick dinner one night. The fish tacos and the pork tacos were good. I wasn't crazy about the fried chicken taco. The corn and shrimp soup was great--complex heat and sweetness. While the guacamole was fine, the three salsas weren't very good. The best of the three was a "fresh" salsa which was too sweet.

                  Anyway, thanks for the tips. I hope to make it back and try some of your other suggestions.