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great thai place in lower e. side??

does anyone know of a great thai place around the lower e. side?

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  1. There's Jeeb, but I have never been there myself, just heard good things.

    1. Thanks for the info. We'll look it up.

      1. Holy Basil - upstairs on 2nd. Also SEA on 2nd is excellent

        1. Thai On Clinton...Clinton right off of Houston.

          1. i recently tried Amaya, on 4th street (A and B), for the first time. i think it's better than any of the alternatives, with the possible exception of Jeeb.

            1. Jeeb is great; I had a birthday dinner there and it was a lot of fun. tasty food, really good cocktails, and the atmosphere in the back "garden" area is really chill. well-priced, too.

              1. Thanks for your help! I think it will be a choice between Jeeb and Holy Basil.

                1. By far, the best Thai food in the East Village is East Village Thai on East 7th Street between 2nd & 3rd, south side of street. I have tried all the Thai restaurants in the neighborhood, and, nothing compares to East Village Thai. Their food is right on and very authentic, and it is always consistant. The only problem--it's a tiny space with maybe 3 or 4 tables. Maybe takeout?
                  I have been going to Thailand for over 30 years, and, without a doubt, East Village Thai is the best around.

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                    That's interesting. I tried them years ago and was really underwhelmed. Do you know if they ever changed cooks? Also, have you tried Zabb City?

                  2. I like SEA on second. I thought Thai on Clinton was terrible. There were 4 of us and no one seemed happy with their meal