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Mar 4, 2007 05:22 PM

(PHX) Cafe Latino???

I saw this on my way home today and am wondering if anyone has checked it out. I'm always interested in Latin American foods other than Mexican, so this has my hopes up. Unfortunately I was stuffed from rubio's. Don't you wish you could call a "redo" on a meal on occasion... without it leading to a disease?

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  1. Is this the restaurant on 7th Ave just south of Camelback? If so, we stopped in one Saturday several months ago and thoroughly enjoyed their Central American buffet. They had some very unique and tasty dishes and it was inexpensive. Our New Year's resolution diet is the only reason we haven't returned...

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      woops, i should have given the location. yes, that's it.

    2. By all means give it a try. I recall they had recipes from Guatamala, Nicaragua and northern South America. It was not a Caribbean style Latin restaurant and definitely not Mexican. There is another restaurant in a stripmall named Mi Cochina Mi Pais at 4221 W. Bell Road that features South American dishes. They specialize in food from Equador and everthing is delicious. Living in east Mesa it is an adventure for us to get out there. I've been corresponding with a woman in NYC who tells me that she and her Brazilian chef husband are hoping to relocate his buisness to the valley some time soon. I'll post when I know more - - Doug

      1. I've had lunch there a couple of times (last time was three or four months ago). The food is very inexpensive and some of it is quite good. Last time I had arroz con pollo, a huge serving for about $6, and I took half back to the office to eat the next day. They do have some Caribbean-type options like plantains, and some very interesting-looking empanadas. I'm getting hungry thinking about it. The decor is very bare bones, but who cares?