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Mar 4, 2007 05:08 PM

what happened to the sullivan street bakery?!

I went to buy some bread the other day and it had another name - Grandaisy - but looked almost the same.

Is it the same bakery with a different name?

Is the sullivan street bakery still in existence?


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  1. There's something about a partner leaving and the bakery reincorporating blah blah blah.
    Everything's exactly the same except for the name.
    And a partner.

    1. Yes, SSB still exists..he moved to the Far West side in the 40s.

      1. Not exactly. SSB had two stores for many years, on on 9th Ave in the forties and the original on Sullivan Street. The partners had a falling out and each got one of the stores. And in dividing up the assets the uptown one got to keep the Sullivan St. name (go figure).

        1. as long as the bread is exactly the same, they can call it whatever they want. i must go and see for myself. this is my favorite source of bread and i shudder to think.... i heard about this on a recent post and can't bring myself to try it in fear of...

          1. The filone and raisin walnut rolls are the same as they always were. . phew! The bakery on 47th street looks very commercial.