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Pregnant and having craving for (slightly healthy) sweets.

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I'm currently eating yogurt or creme fraiche and banans, frozen whole wheat waffles with honey or jam, cold cereal, dark chocolate, apples, dried fruit. But after 8 months I'm getting bored! I'm looking for something slightly healthier than just cookies or cake but I'm open to suggestions.

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  1. Rice pudding! With raisins...

    1. I've posted this before, but I do rice pudding with FF cottage cheese, brown rice or barley, splenda, vanilla, and cinnamon, nuked.

      If you don't mind a little cooking, I make crepes from egg whites, then fill w/ splenda/cottage cheese, and brown in the pan, then serve w/ blueberry preserves from TJ's.

      Could do fruit smoothies w/ yogurt, ice, fruit and graham crackers; or do a pumpin pie shake.

      Mix oats and egg whites w/ cinnamon and sugar/splenda, fry in PAM as pancakes and serve w/ your favorite topper.

      Whole wheat tortilla sprinkled with water, then sweetener and cinnmon; broil until crispy bunuelos.

      I find Zen Bakery muffins (TJ's or Whole Foods (plain apple or peach bran here)) very satisfying.

      Also, Zen Bakery cinnamon buns w/ my own cream cheese icing... low fat cream cheese, smart balance, vanilla, sweetener.

      1. This topic was on more healthy versions of cookies if that would interest you...


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          I am also pregnant and this is my concession to healthy child when indulging:
          yogurt, strawberry coulis, whipping cream, crushed cookies, and other fruits tossed in. Or creamy smoothies with honey and vanilla. The full fat yogurt compensates for the "healthfulness".

        2. Make banana "ice cream" - you freeze banana chunks, then purée them with either honey or some kind of chocolate (syrup, cocoa powder, melted choc, etc.)

          Baked apple stuffed with nuts and raisins

          Tofu pudding - blend silken tofu with your fave sweetener and some kind of flavouring (chocolate, vanilla, puréed fruit, etc.)

          Fruity couscous - boil some apple or orange juice, then pour it over whole-grain couscous. Stir in chopped druit fruit and toasted nuts, if you want.

          1. Dried cherries and dried cranberries.

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              Ooh persimmons or strawberries sliced with sour cream (and brown sugar)

            2. A good sorbet does it for me. Real fruit!

              1. Plain yogurt with maple syrup and fruits-current favorite dried cranberries and fresh blueberries. Fresh pineapple also good. Earth's Best baby foods are yummy in yogurt or on their own, especially slightly frozen. Dried fruit is the best-and while pregnant you can afford the calories, lucky you!

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                  Thanks so much for the responses! Rice pudding and baked apples sound great. I should add that I'm not looking to go low-carb or sugar free or anything. I prefer whole foods and don't mind some sugar. If anyone has any easy baking recipes, I'd like that as well.

                2. Frozen grapes are a great snack for the mouth-feel part of munching.

                  1. Alton's homeade granola or granola bars are great, I think the recipes are floating around chowhound.com. The dried fruit and nuts provide a lot of nutrients. I throw in M&Ms when making them to share with my 3 year old. I mix it up a little and add peanut butter and banana chips for a change.

                    1. Buttermilk panna cotta with fresh fruit topping (rhubarb etc)