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Mar 4, 2007 04:56 PM

Rice cooker - Which rice?

I'm lazy, or at least I'm focused on the entree when cooking Asian or Indian food. So the rice gets made in an automatic rice cooker, and at times it can come out too sticky or clumpy.

Am I missing something?

I use ordinary long-grain rice, and add double the water (minus about 1/8).


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  1. i use different types of rice in mine and the rice comes out real well except the bottom
    always sticks. but the rest is nice and flakey.

    1. Do you want sticky or flaky and separated?

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      1. re: mrsmegawatt

        I prefer flaky and separated (I can already do sticky)

      2. Here's the way I was taught when I was 10 and have always had perfect rice. Perfect rice to me is slightly sticky and clumpy as I'm Filipino and have always had it this way. I use 3 cups of Thai jasmine long grain rice, wash and rinse 3 times with cold water, on the fourth time putting cold water, add enough water so that the water level reaches the first line of the middle finger when you stick your finger in( make sure the tip touches the top of the rice). This is made in a 10 cup rice cooker.

        1. When I make rice in the rice cooker, I use a 1:1+a little more (a tablespoon or so) rice to water ratio.

          1. I have a strong opinion on this subject. If I use normal long-grain or basmati rice in my cooker the rice grains do tend to mush together and the rice is unsuitable for freezing (as leftover cooked rice). However, if I use parboiled rice aka golden rice, the grains stay nice and separate and the leftovers freeze like a dream (use plastic sandwich bags for individual portion size, very convenient to zap when needed). The golden rice is most easily findable at ethnic markets---Hispanic, & Middle Eastern always seem to carry it. Another point, be sure you're not using too much water. You can always add a little more as the rice is cooking, if it's needed.