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Mar 4, 2007 04:16 PM

I would apreciate ideas and recipes

I have recently joined an social group which designates a region or a country as a theme for either going out to eat or for a pot luck at their meetings.
The first meeting is a potluck and the theme is "North West ."
When I think of this area what comes to mind is Salmon, but then I thought of all the friendly brains I could pick, right here on this board.
So please, would you please help me out here and share some ideas as to what I could bring.
I would appreciate it very much.
Thanks in advance

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  1. The Northwest is a great place for all types of seafood. Crab is a local favorite. There's a recipe for Thai Crab Salad in Endive that I'm pretty sure you can find on Epicurious. It's a lovely starter....appetizer or you could do a salad version.
    Also all sorts of smoked samon appetizers.
    When I lived in Seattle, I also did a lot of mussels.

    1. how about a hot blackberry cobbler.

      1. Baked Alaska.

        There's a phenomenal and simple recipe for Baked Dijon Salmon on

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          actually, the famous delmonico's in nyc was the 1st restaurant to serve baked alaska, although versions arose prior.

          salmon, mussels, dungeness crab; apples, pears, berries, hazlenuts; morels are very big out there too. wines from oregon and washington state.

        2. All sorts of seafood not just salmon. I've had some of the best oysters I've ever eaten while in seattle. Also the wild mushrooms are incredible in variety and flavor.

          1. Applets and Cotletts come from there.