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Mar 4, 2007 03:47 PM

Afternoon Tea - Seattle

I'm looking for somewhere to have afternoon tea with a few friends for a birthday celebration. Any suggestions? We've been to the Fairmont, hoping for someplace new. Other hotel teas welcome, or tea houses, or restaurants. I'd like to avoid anything too frou-frou. Thanks.

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  1. Last night a friend and I went to check out Remedy Teas up on fifteenth in Capitol Hill. We had a very pleasant time. In addition to their long long list of teas, they serve sandwiches and all sorts of sweets. The decor is quite modern, but not cold. It is also very family-friendly. Our service was very attentive and the environment was relaxing. I had a small pot of the jasmine blueberry and a pesto/tomato sandwich combination. I might advise calling ahead depending on how many friends you're planning to have attend. Their seating didn't seem arranged for parties of more than four. I'm looking forward to my next visit.

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    1. Haven't been to either of these places, but there is the Queen Mary Tea Room in the U-District and also Teahouse Kuan Yin on 45th in Wallingford.

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        I've heard good things about the Queen Mary Tea Room. It's on NE 55th just behind University Village.

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          the queen mary looks just as ruffled and frou-frou as one expects an english tearoom to look save for the strong odor of bird poop from the parrots and such in the front window. also, when cream was requested in lieu of milk, we were informed that that would not be proper and that whole milk was sufficently "creamy" for our needs.

        2. B & O Espresso does a great afternoon tea. A friend of mine did it for her bridal shower; something like 20 of us girls had a great time. I'd always imagined that afternoon tea would be dorky or froufy or I'd feel like a little girl having a tea party, but B&O isn't like that at all... I could say it's almost "hip" with their mismatched vintage tea sets and Capitol Hill location. You get a choice of something like 20 teas, a selection of savory tea sandwiches and tarts, then a little later a selection of tasy little desserts. Yum! Reservations are required.

          1. I have had many a good tea service at Queen Mary. Its very floral and traditional in its decor, which can be fun (who doesn't like being frou frou every once in a while?) The tea, table service, and especially the food is fantastic and abundant. We always have treats to pack up and take home. I had my bridesmaid lunch here and it was elegant and fun! Highly recommended. A little pricey but you get a ton of goodies.