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Mar 4, 2007 03:38 PM

Manhattan Clam Chowder? ? ?

Has anyone ever seen a prepared Manhattan Clam Chowder in the store. Either canned or frozen. Just occurred to me I don’t think I’ve ever one.....


Uncle Ira

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  1. Progresso makes one and Campbells did-do not know if they still do.

    1. Campbells does still make a condensed version Here is a link ---

      Chunky Soup used to make a great one...but now they only make New England. I live in Connecticut, but can't stand that version.

        1. re: DonShirer

          By the way, if you can find a canned Datil Clam Chowder in our northern climes, let me know. It's a sort of spicy tomato/pepper based CC, and far better than the bland Manhattan kind, but I've only seen it in the southern states, esp. FLA.

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            Found this, but try to call them. Their on-line form not working.

          1. Progresso's is hugely superior to Campbell's, surprise surprise. I had made a similar substance, only served with a dinner as a clear soup, and thought it'd be nice to try Progresso's for lunch a few days later, and in the process use the last cup or so of clam juice I'd bought to enlarge it a little. The Progresso's by itself was very good, and expanded with the extra clam juice was REALLY good.