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Mar 4, 2007 03:35 PM

Going to Fontana for first time Tuesday. Where should i go?

I'm driving to Fontana for a High School Girls Basketball game on Tuesday night -- Dorsey versus A. B. Miller. I've never been to that area so where should I eat in or near fontana?
Go Dorsey Donnas!

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  1. Not much but chains in Fontana. Any particular cuisine you want? What time is the game, and what area are you coming from?

    1. The game is at 7 at A. B. Miller High. Not picky on what kind of food, just not a chain. Something, anything interesting.

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        Well, since you did not mention where you are coming from, I am guessing L.A. (Dorsey). You do realize that traffic on the I-10 will be a bitch, so leave early enough. If you plan to eat before the game, then, again, leave early enough. How about hopping off the 10 at Central Ave in Montclair, go about a mile and half north to Foothill, right on Foothill about a block to Joey's BBQ (full restaurant service). For 'Q closer to Fontana, on the border of Fontana and Rancho Cucamonga, there is a branch of Woody's, I-10 to the I-15 north, get off at Foothill, one block west to the strip mall at Rochester. I think there also may be some sort of microbrewry/restaurant in that same strip mall.

        I have no idea what is in Fontana, all I have ever noticed has been chains.

      2. I'll second Joey's BBQ, but Fontana is pretty much a wasteland.

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          2 follow up questions:
          First, if i go to woody's or joey's, do you have any recommendations?
          Second, last call for anything else in that general area?

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            Woody's is a bare bones joint in terms of atmosphere and number of items on the menu, this is a place where you get Wonder bread with your 'Q, but you can also get cobbler, their pork ribs are pretty good. Joey's roots are in Texas and their beef ribs are outstanding. I also like their brisket, thick sliced, finished on the grill, their pork ribs are nothing to write home about; good sides, including a baked sweet potatoe with (optionally) marshmallow.

        2. Paisano Ristorante Italiano
          15258 Summit Ave
          Fontana, 92336
          (909) 803-2100

          Excellent Italian. It's not too far from the 210/15 interchange. Since you are going to AB Miller take the 210 Freeway not the 10.

          1. Magic Lamp on Foothill in Rancho Cucamonga is a good steak & seafood place(it's part of the Clearman's chain)

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              If we are going there, how about Sycamore Inn? For the OP, both these places will be more formal, than Joey's, and more costly, if that is a factor.

              Or for another mid to high end steak house, New York Grill, at Ontario Mills, right off of I-15 at 4th Street (Magic Lamp and Sycamore Inn and not so freeway adjacent, and further out from Fontana).

              1. re: calabasas_trafalgar

                The Magic Lamp is AWESOME! I can't speak for the food, but this place is crazy - it's quite the pickup spot for the over 60 set, and the parking lot is full of Buicks on a Friday night. FULL, I tell you. Anyway, if you appreciate kitsch and bizarre-o stuff, this place is great, as long as you don't mind some 72 year old men drooling over your high school basketball player(s).

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                  ps - I haven't been out that way in a while, but my advice is get away from Fontucky as quick as you can.

                  I don't know if you'd want to go to sushi, but there is a sushi place out that way (Upland or Rancho) that is really good. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name, but I'm pretty sure it's:

                  Ken's Japanese Restaurant
                  10006 Foothill Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

                  Some of my college friends who are pretty big sushi buffs swore by this place.

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                    In the words of Norm Crosby: "I resemble that!" (Fast approaching 60, in my Buick Roadmaster here), the food at Magic Lamp is OK, I did have some nice leg of lamb there once, but I think it is a bit too pricey for what it is. If I recollect correctly, dinner for three of us was about $150, and I just don't expect to pay that much for "dinner house" (i.e. not "haute cuisine") fare in the Inland Empire.

                    I was much more comfortable at that price point across the street, at Sycamore Inn:

                    (Note, I have not been back to the Sycamore Inn in quite a while, so your mileage may vary.)