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Mar 4, 2007 03:34 PM

Korean fried chicken

I was in Los Angeles a few weeks ago and ate at a restaurant in Ktown called "The Prince." They had a dish there consisting of a whole fried spring chicken accompanied by cabbage and squares of rice wrapper. It was different from the spicy fried chicken I've seen at some places in Virginia. It was great, but I was wondering if anyone knows whether this can be found in the restaurants in Annandale. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Also, is there any place out in Maryland - out in PG land - that serves the Korean Fried Chicken that I been reading about in NYC?

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      1. re: cmh0150

        Yes, this joint is in PG, and was profiled in the Post about two weeks ago.

      2. the Lotte Plaza on Rt. 40 in Howard County has a fried chicken stand

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        1. re: hon

          sounds like a nice trip for a weekend... will see how good it is

          1. re: hon

            is that place good? my mother, my sister, and I always eat at the place (usually at the spicy fish soup stand and soondae stand) and my mom said the fried chicken wasn't all that good. She should know because she is korean.

            any thoughts?

            1. re: bitsubeats

              Pretty sure that's another Cheogajip. If its anything like the other Cheogajips I have been to, it is good, cooked perfectly but needs a little salt/pepper in my opinion(which they provide with the intention that you add to your tastes)..for varieties other than the plain I think they are tasty but they oversauce a bit. I don't really think KoFC places of this ilk qualify as traditional/native Korean food, having gone over and back, so I don't really think one has to be Korean to have a qualified opinion. The best comparative opinion could probably be formed by taste-testing a variety of the Korean fried cihcken places that have been popping up in U.S. metro areas over the past couple of years.

              1. re: Lowbar

                you're right kfc isn't traditional korean food, but Im pretty sure my mother didn't like it because of the taste not because it wasn't traditional.

                is that what you meant?

                they serve the cubed radishes on the side, right? also what flavour did you get?

                you can get kfc here in the us, but I want to find the rotisserie style chicken you can get in korea...that stuff is fantastic

                1. re: bitsubeats

                  Yes to cubed radishes on the side. I've had the regular and the hot. No real desire to try the sweet.

                  1. re: Lowbar

                    Have you had the herb fried chicken from Cheogajip? The menu shows that they have it, but they have never served it the nights that we order it (tried again last night to order it). Go to the place off Braddock.

                    1. re: viperlush

                      It wasn't on the posted menu when I went (to the one off Braddock) four days ago

                      1. re: Lowbar

                        Thanks, I guess we need to get a new take out menu.

                  2. re: bitsubeats

                    I noticed there's a restaurant next to TemptAsian that servers Korean style rotisserie chicken.

            2. My post got deleted, but if anyone is interested, you can find chinese style whole fried chicken at any chinese restaurant. It's usually served with lemon wedges, seasoned salt, and shrimp chips on top as edible decoration.

              Chinese style fried chicken is typically served during wedding banquets and 1 month parties, but can be ordered just like a normal chinese dish. Good Fortune in Wheaton is best known for this dish.

              1. There's always Cheogajip, which has locations locally in Centreville and Annandale, as well as stands within Lotte Plazas in Ellicott City and Fairfax. I just got back from a long, filling lunch at the Centreville one. I don't know the address of the Annandale location, but I think I remember seeing it in another Korean fried chicken thread on this board. Or google will probably work.