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Breakfast Restaurants on 92nd (UES)?

I'm coming up there with someone and we are staying at the 92nd st marriot, and we need some recs within immediate walking distance (he's not too keen on cabbing but can't walk far). Suggestions?


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  1. One of my favorites brunch places in the area is Sarabeth's on 92nd and Madison, but be prepared for long lines in the weekends.
    The newish U Cafe on Lexington Ave bet. 93rd and 94th is another good option.
    If you are willing to walk a bit, Cafe Sarbarsky at the Neue Gallery museum is wonderful (86th and Fifth Ave).

    1. as i have said before in response to sabarsky recommendations, if you go you must do dessert. especially streudel!

      1. I love Sarabeth but it's a bit of a hike from 92 & first avenue. Yura on 3rd avenue between 93 & 94th is very good too and closer to you than Sarabeth or Sabarsky.

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          Just FYI - that Yura is no longer Yura - it's called "Corner" or "Corners" - there's a big sign at Yura on Madison that Yura is no longer affiliated with the Third Ave. location.

        2. Agree with above recs and also Cafe D'Alsace on 88th and 2nd. It has a great weekend brunch with delicious breakfast breads.

          1. Yura has a place right across the street from yr hotel. you can sit in the window and chat it up together, while surrounded by arrogant private school girls and their fashionista mommies. but the scones and muffins are grt, the coffee is pretty good, and now and then someone is actually nice.

            1. The Vinegar Factory on 91st between 1st and York used to have really good brunches. (FYI the Vinegar Factory is one of the Zabar family grocery stores, and they have a second floor cafe.) I haven't been in many years, though, so I'm not sure my recommendation isn't out of date.

              I also second the Yura recommendation. If you're in the mood for a good sandwich either for a later breakfast or an early lunch, the turkey pinwheels are really really good, don't know what they do to make turkey, lettuce and tomato so darned good. And they are famous for their roast beef sandwiches on onion rolls with frizzled onions and horseradish sauce. Wow. They have a pretty good southwestern roasted potato salad as well. Rather than the private school girls, it's more likely the girls going to the Ballet Academy upstairs, and their moms waiting for the lessons to end. You'll see droves of little girls in leotards and hair pulled back in buns clamoring for their surprisingly good cupcakes, it's quite charming actually.

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                It's Eli's Vinegar Factory and, yes, they still serve brunch on weekends. I've not tried it, but my daughter and her b.f. have been there a number of times and give it the thumbs up.

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                  There are droves of private school girls around lunchtime, but it is worth the trip for those roast beef sandwiches...I remember them very fondly. The chicken tenders are also very fresh and addictive.

                2. If you can cab to Amsterdam between 86-87 it is breakfast heaven either Popover Cafe or the adjoining Barney Greengrass--you won't be sorry.

                  1. My neighbor's son stayed there recently and had difficulty getting a cab at the morning rush hour. If you're there on the weekend Eli's is perfect. Just walk around the corner on York Ave. (Eli's is between York and First Ave.) If it's not the weekend, the crosstown bus stop is between 90 and 91 on York. Service is frequent and you could hop on over to 86th and Fifth and the Sabarsky as someone suggestted. Or you could get off at third and take the third ave bus up to Yura. Or get off at Madison and take the bus up to Sarabeths. I only suggest this because you say our friend is not a walker.

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                      Heck, if you're going to get on the bus you might as well stay on through the park and get off at Amsterdam and 86th for Barney Greengrass...probably one of the top 3 breakfast experiences in the city!

                      Staying true to the OP's request for options in the "immediate walking distance," Barking Dog is a descent option...3rd Ave and 94th St.


                    2. I'm pretty sure Sfoglia is open for breakfast now. This restaurant was rated favorite new of NYC by Adam Platt and Gael Greene. It's rustic and charming and simple. Hubbie and wife team of owners. Call ahead to make sure they're doin breakfast first. Lex at 92.

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                        I checked the website and it says that they now offer breakfast from 7:30 to 11:30 Mon - Sat.