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Mar 4, 2007 01:19 PM

Celeb Chef Underground Society?

Last night my husband and I had dinner at Cru. They made us wait 30min after our reservation for a table but were very nice. (They gave us free champers while we waited.) The dinner was very good but as we were finishing up we noticed that people were trickling in and going back into the kitchen. Suddenly we were feeling very rushed and more and more people were showing up. We first figured investors but then the place was becoming more and more full.

As we were walking out we noticed several celeb chefs. There was Daniel Boulud, Terrence Brennan and many others we recognized but could not name. Could it have been a midnight meeting of the Celeb Chef Underground Society?

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  1. Cru is definitely one of those restaurants that the Nyc chefs like to patronize from the day it opened...

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      This wasn't a table or two showing up to have some dinner. It was midnight and there were about 50-60 people there by the time i was leaving and more were coming in. It was like something out of a movie.

    2. Daniel Boulud does a TV show on INHD where him and a bunch of other chefs have a late dinner at a NY restaurant. Its usually not that many people...but maybe some were crew??
      Here's the link:

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        According to my computer, that show did indeed film an episode at Cru, which aired in July 2006. But from the description, that was the best episode, so maybe they decided a return visit was in order.

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          It seemed to have all the people from the program there but no crew? hummm.