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Mar 4, 2007 01:12 PM

best burgers in D/FW

hi i bet this has been done before. but i am new to chowhound so
i will ask who do you think has the best burgers in D/fw thanks

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  1. as I see it, there are two kinds of burgers: burgers with exceptionally tasty meat, where the patty stands alone, and burgers that have all kinds of delicious ingredients piled on top.

    In the first category (mmmm.... meat!) my favorite has been Angry Dog, a bar in Deep Ellum. The burger has a great beefy flavor. I also really enjoy Balls, which has a very "juicy" burger. Also I really like the pickles that they use.

    In the second category, my favorite is Twisted Root. Also very good meat, but I enjoy their plain burgers less than their burgers with lots of stuff (blue cheese/bacon, for instance). They also have some really good and unique condiments and sides.

    Sort of in between the two categories, I also like the burger at the Stonleigh P. Pretty good meat, and served on a pumpernickel bun, and with dijon mustard. There are a bunch of qualifiers for the burgers here - no ketchup, no fries - but I really enjoy them.

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      I agree with your picks except since I am up North I would toss Scotty Ps and Ye Old Butcher shop (downtown Plano) in the mix. Scotty Ps burgers can go up against twisted root in the stuff category with ease and their onion rings are better. Ye Old butcher shop with their black Angus or Wednesday their Elk burger is hard to beat for taste.

    2. I love Al's hamburgers in north Arlington. :) They're great. It's sort of divey, but I like that.

        1. i forgot to say my fav is kincaid's in fw

          1. D Magazine did a whole article on this last year and they do updates on this topic regularly.

            Personally, I'd stick to Kincaids in FW.