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Mar 4, 2007 12:51 PM

buddakan short review

synopsis of dinner for 2 last eve: definitely a scene with a great space. We sat in the back room of the upper floor which was probably the least desirable of the beautiful rooms and a bit warm with tables close together. service- fine with the busboys hovering a bit too much- although never seemed rushed. waitress was helpful and pleasant and not clad modestly, drinks - i very much enjoyed the solid (12$)- kind of like a mojito- excellent and strong; my wife had 2 glasses of wine (viognier-15$, drylands sauv blanc- 10$- the latter of which she enjoyed more). Appetizers-edamame dumplings and chicken dumplings (11 and 10$ respectively- both were great-not cheap as the orders were 5 small dumplings each- but still terrific). Both tables next to us had the potstickers which looked quite good. We also got the boneless spareribs (13$)- not bad but would skip next time. Both entrees we loved-- glazed alaskan baked cod ( my wife adored this dish) was $26 and the tea smoked chicken a relative bargain @18 bucks -- this was a poular choice throughout the place as we saw many ordering this dish around us. Also added wok roasted water spinach - a big order at $7 and well worth it; next time would try the cauliflour +/or rice side dishes which looked good. For dessert had the 2 chocolate dishes (chocolate pudding and chocolate tart - one with ice cream the other with a whipped cream) - couldnt decide on one so got both ( both 10 bucks) and although couldnt finish either were very very happy with these. In sum - definitely worth a visit; we splurged and probably ordered too much but had a great night.

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  1. Going sunday (again) Agree the food is delicious

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      returned last week-- food remains good, a liitle too much attitude this time around

    2. Hi ekdd,

      Buddakan is one of the better sceney restaurants in terms of food quality, and while I did not get wow by any of the food, I do think they are quite delicious and definitely above average than most of the fusion restaurants (better than Morimoto which is of the same owner). When you go next time, I suggest trying more of the appetizers such as the shark fin dumplings, the taro lollipops, and the steamed sea bass rolls. Their fish entrees are decent, but the rice/noodle dishes are quite mediocre - nothing too different from what you get from Chinatown other than the nicer plating.

      I haven't had a lot of their desserts but I really like their chocolate mille feuille with spiced chocolate ice-cream (is that what you had?) Next time I will definitely go for a non-chocolate item to see if there is anything exciting there!

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        Thanks kobetobiko for your always great advice.