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Mar 4, 2007 12:49 PM

Wasabi-AYCE/Buffet in Richmond Hill (long)

I have eaten at the Wasabi restaurant at Sliver Star and Steeles before and it was good. So when my sister said that we were going to Wasabi for her husband's B-day dinner I thought..okay. First I didn't know ther were two Wasabi's the one I was sitting at wondering where the rest of my party is and the one where the rest of my party were sitting in Richmond Hill. When I got to the place and told them I had a reservation, they quite rudely proceeded to demand a confirmation # and when they found out the the rest of my party was there already. They quite rudely gave me the evil eye and said "well go find them then". This restaurant is huge, I finally had to call my sister to find them. This place is packed! The food is okay, but I have had much better at the other location which doesn't have the weird buffet stations. They had a chocolate fountain, but it was more like a hot chocolate fountain. There is an incredible variety of food there, I will give them that. Unfortunately most of the items are merely acceptable or gross, not good. Overall the mediocre food was not worth, the loud weird atmosphere, the rude staff, and the price (which was the same as most of the other just AYCE Japanese places). Finished ranting...
Anyone out there who loves this place?

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  1. We went there once and thought it was mediocre at best. I don't understand the crowd as there are better AYCE places in TO. No plans to go again. Also don't understand the emphatic need for a confirmation number when all other restaurants use names (and they have the names in their reservation book as well). The only time when the confirmation number came in handy is when we went to Balthazar in Manhattan and they did not have our names in their reservation book even though we booked well in advance. Then when we pulled out the confirmation number, they had to admit their error. I think should is the only time when the confirmaton number is needed.