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Mar 4, 2007 11:40 AM

A cake that will freeze well?

I will be out of town for my roommate's birthday, but I'd like to leave a cake hidden in the freezer and email her that morning and tell her where to find it. Preferably there would be nothing for her to do with the cake other then letting it thaw, inviting folks over and eating it.

To make it a true surprise, I need to make it well in advance of my departure (some time when she isn't here), so I need a recipe for a cake that can last for at least 2 weeks in the freezer.

I have loads of equipment, access to whatever ingredients I need, no budgetary restrictions, and no time restrictions. The only catch is that she doesn't like chocolate. Yes, I know. But she's not at all picky as long as it's not chocolate.

She especially likes nuts, but that's not a high priority. Delicious is the priority.

Please advise me, chowhounds.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Definitely "Queen Elizabeth Cake". While it doesn't look very fancy, it's soooo delicious (caramel, walnuts, some dates and coconut... and no chocolate). Its freezes very well. I follow a Quebecois recipe here:

    It's in French. If you don't read French, then let me know and I can come back and post a translation.

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      Merci! This actually sounds like something I would love... I might just make this one for myself :)

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        Oh, yum! The ingredients sound divine. I'm also looking for desserts to freeze. Could you translate, please?

      2. Use an oil based cake as this will remain more moist & will taste better when thawed out. Also use a flavored simple syrup to brush on the cake so it will be more moist as well as add flavor.
        Maybe a nut based chiffon with a buttercream filling.
        I've made this pistachio cake in a round cake pan. It freezes very well. It's very moist & tastes great with w/ some apricot preserves & a simple syrup & orange flower water soak in between the layers. Maybe finish it with a grand marnier buttercream.

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          That looks really yummy... if I made that, would you suggest packaging the topping separately? Do you think it would work to top it and just freeze it as-is?

        2. I never bothered with the nut topping. I'm sure it would freeze well if you wanted to make that recipe exactly or you could just leave it off. The cake is jam packed with nuts already it really doesn't need it. Like I said I baked it in a round 9' cake pan. I filled the pan about halfway and got a nice sized cake. Maybe just bake it in the loaf pan as they did..douse it with some lemon syrup to keep it moist, freeze it & keep a jar of apricot preserves in the fridge so she can spread it on the cake. See if you can find some brandied cherries . The cake with the preserves spread on top & served with some brandied cherries would be killer. Leave instructions for her on how to make some chantilly & you've got a nice little dessert.

          1. Yum! That sounds awesome. I love the brandied cherries idea.

            1. Does it have to be a cake? What about a nice set of iced brownies? They tend to thaw really well.

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                It does not have to be a cake, but I am unaware of any brownie recipes that don't involve chocolate :)

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                    Ha -- true. That is a possibility then :)