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Mar 4, 2007 11:28 AM

Where to go for japanese food in Wiltshire??

This is my first post! I am living here in wiltshire at the moment, since travelling from perth, Aus 6 months ago and so far haven't seen any decent looking places for japanese food. Also what about southern indian cuisine- I did find one place in bristol and I was impressed until an hour later I experienced my first ever case of explosive diorrea, so I won't be returning there.
Lastly for now, is there somewhere that might sell bubble tea?? I have had cravings for these amongst others since I've been here.

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  1. Welcome to the UK! I hate to say this, but asking for decent Japanese food in Wiltshire is a bit like asking for great Sushi in Alice Springs.

    I have a vague recollection of seeing bubble tea in Tooting. Might be a worth a google...I found a couple of places in London that way Oriental City in the Edgeware Road and Feng Shui Inn in Soho. My sense is that bubble tea hasn't taken off here yet.

    1. Hmm, thanks anyway. I didn't think I was going to have much luck. I have only been to London once for a few hours so I have a lot of exploring to do. I have been looking at ordering a bubble tea starter kit straight from asia, it looks like fun. I think it would be popluar in the UK especially in summer time. Ugh,I have gorged on liquorice allsorts today. Have to rest stomach.

      1. For Japanese food in Wiltshire try Mount Fuji at Stanton House Hotel, Swindon (08700 841 388). They're on the web if you want to do a search. The hotel - and the restaurant - is owned by Honda, who ought to know good Japanese food when they see it. Make sure you call to book beforehand - sometimes the restaurant is closed for special functions.

        1. Cool,I just had a look at the web site. I'll definitely be trying them. There are 2 japanese restaurants there, one of them also has european cuisine, not the Mt. Fuji. Thanks heaps for that.