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Mar 4, 2007 11:20 AM

has monsoon's relocated?

does anyone know whether monsoon's (formely of W81 and amsterdam)has relocated?
any idea as to what's behind the abrupt closing without any explaination? the place was always packed.

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    1. Isn't it now Safin on 7th btw 15th + 16th St.?
      They have great lunch deals - lots of food & is good!

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      1. re: tocon

        thanks for the reply but i managed to locate it since writing that post back in march. it most definitely is safran's. the chef from monsoon's (laura) came out to speak with me when I visited. it seems she speaks with customers regularly. i had spent months trying to track down the place as i so miss monsoon's. i was jubliant when someone on this site confirmed my suspicions that she had moved downtown to chelsea.

        laura sat down with me for a bit and was so sweet. i felt like i knew her for years. i had only seen (and maybe even smiled at) her in monsoon's but never had the honor to speak with her. she said she was trying to get the media to always mention monsoon's when reviewing safran so people would know as i think she realizes people are clueless about what happened. the sign on monsoon's with a phone # to safran's was torn off.

        the restaurant is lovely. she will make anything you want despite what is on the menu. so, if you want a monsoon menu item, just ask for it and i' m sure she'll come out to speak with you.

        i had the fried calamari appetizer which was great but extremely salty. keep in mind i like salt so this had to be a mistake. i couldn't quite figure out what happened. the beef mango salad was amazing and then she graciously comped me for tapioca. although i do not like tapioca, i didn't have the heart to tell her so i began eating it. OUTSTANDING!!!!!I I'VE NEVER TASTED ANYTHING LIKE THIS. IT 'S UP THERE ON MY LIST OF BEST THINGS EVER TASTED!!

        Anyway, laura loves to see Monsoon customers down there so make a visit. My guess is she's there every night as I visited on a Thursday and not a weekend. The prices are expensive, though . She said she is eyeing other locations on the UWS. I told her that there are masses of people who are pining away over the loss of Monsoon's.

        1. re: nativeNYer

          Safran or Safran's? Did you happen to see if they had any of the delicious spring/summer rolls that Monsoon used to have? Monsoon used to order something like 10 different varieties, and they were lovely.

          Also, it was "Monsoon," not "Monsoon's," right? Sorry, it always drives me nuts when people add a possessive to a restaurant name that doesn't have one.

          1. re: kathryn

            you're right. it is safran and monsoon. check out the menu for safran here: i don't believe the menus are similar at all but Laura told me she'd make everything. i'm guessing this will be contingent upon whether or not she has the ingredients but i would suggest placing the request. she's very eager to please.