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Mar 4, 2007 11:16 AM

lime leaf comes to W72

lime leaf (thai) from morningside heights (w108th) is opening a location on w72 between amsterdam and columbus replacing the spot formerly occupied by ray bari (eeeeccckkk!). this is decent thai food. the sign just went up today.

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  1. How does Lime Leaf compare with other Thai places in Manhattan? Is it really any good or just another of the myriad more-like-average-Chinese-than-Thai places we somehow got saddled with in NYC?

    I'm not surprised Ray Bari didn't make it, but since someone was crazy/stupid enough to try at all, I am surprised they gave up so soon. Had they even been in that space a year? (Seems like only a few months, but I'm sure it been longer than that.)

    1. Hate to disagree but Lime Leaf is nowhere near decent Thai food. Watered down and curried Thai is the best way to describe it.

      1. I have to agree with the previous poster. I would not say it is anywhere as decent as some of the non-authentic better places in manhattan. The martinis were the only decent things on the menu.

        1. hmmmm.... i've only eaten there once. perhaps i spoke too soon. the appetizer was very good (calamari) and i thought the spicy beef noodle entree was decent but didn't have enough beef. the place was packed. never tried the curry. i am curious to hear what additional regulars think.. or perhaps there are no regulars.

          since there are no thai restaurants in the W70s and W60s. land is in the w80s and panang is malaysian), i am excited about walking down the block to get a quick thai fix when i don't feel like schleping to hell's kitchen.

          i totally agree with the comment re ray bari. i think they were in their "new larger space"
          for at least a year having moved from that huge corner space near lincoln center. i didn't have high hopes and am sort of puzzled by the whole thing. they didn't stand a chance.

          1. The last I'd seen of Ray Bari they were over on the corner of Amsterdam and 69th St - where they'd been forever (or at least 20 years.) I figured they lost that space, not that they were actually foolish enough to go out of their way to compete with - on the one hand - City Pie, which is not bad at all for neighborhood pizza - and Dominos on the other, for those who actually like bad pizza.

            Sounds like Lime Leaf is avoidable in the extreme. Between what is now a sort of passe concept (SEA "fusion") and the location, they'd better hope they get a big delivery clientele - which won't be easy around here either since there are a number of fixtures already. (I've lived there a long time, and while there's a lot of traffic on the street, it's actually quite bad for sit down restaurants these days and has been for a fairly long time. The Turkish place will soon be history if they don't deliver or don't start soon....) People go to that block for the stores, or in transit between points A & B - they don't stroll along looking for a restaurant to pop into...