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rehearsal dinner in manhattan, 85 people

We're hosting our daughte'rs wedding next spring, 2008. We need a restaurant space to host 75 people in a private room, preferably downtown Manhattan. Any suggestions?

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  1. The Stanton Social...super fun and cool hip dwntwn location! My bfriend was a cook there before we moved to SF! Nice joint

    1. great suggestion (just looked it up). was it "affordable" (nyc standards, i mean). And how is service and attitude?

      1. so sorry I haven't been on chowhound for awhile and I just read your reply.
        the service is prety good, cute fun and young waiters...the hostess are nice for nyc.

        1. You might get some other replies if you provided additional specifics like cuisine preferences, type of ambiance (casual vs. fancy), and per person budget. It would also help if you told us if that budget figure includes alcoholic beverages, tax (nearly 9%) & tip (20%).

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            I've been in touch with Stanton Social. It's probably too small, and our rehearsal dinner would be on a Saturday night, which is problematic, since they have quite a scene of their own going. But thanks for the suggestion.

          2. what day are you looking for? what part of downtown?

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              April, 2008, a Saturday night. Tribeca or Soho are preferred locations for the rehearsal dinner. We'll have a block of rooms at the Millenium Hilton, the Ritz, maybe the Soho Grand. Walking distance or short cab from those hotels.

            2. Fiamma did a great job in their 2nd Floor private room for my friend.

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                How many were in the party at Fiamma? We have about 100.

              2. My wedding rehersal last April was downtown in a small Italian restaurant halfway between Battery Park and the former World Trade Center, Caracello at 108 Greenwich St. We had about 60, but there was room for more, because we had the whole restaurant. If you wanted to book them this far in advance, I'm sure they would have the date and time available.

                It's good red sauce Italian that will make just about anything you want. I've sat there for a business lunch and had a client order off the menu. He asked for sole cooked Livornese, not how the menu had it. The waiter said responded "Of course, if an Italian restaurant cannot could Livornese, it should go out of business." When we had our rehearsal, we asked for soem additional things and then were told there was no charge.

                It was reasonable and very friendly service, and whatever we wanted, we could get, because we had the whole restaurant. Caracello is often open for dinner, but if you want a private party, you can almost always get the whole place, except when soemone else has booked it before you. That only happens with Christmas parties that the businesses in the area hold there, a few each week in December. You could probably fit all 75 into either the first floor or the second, but you might be able to use both. We used the second floor, and my family got into it ahead of time and decorated it.

                My wife was not that keen on the idea of having the dinner there until we ate there a few months before. She was sold on it then and there.

                I don't think it is open on most Saturday nights, but if you were going to book it for a large number, I bet it would open for you.

                1. We had our rehearsal dinner at St Maggies Cafe for ~100 people. It's near Wall St. Great old bar for cocktails then a very nice room for the dinner itself. Food was very good, I think we had 4 courses and they set up a microphone and speakers for speeches.

                  1. Thalassa has a large private room downstairs, and fabulous food. They specialize in Greek style seafood.