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Mar 4, 2007 10:11 AM

Russian Bakeries?

Hi folks! Just wondering if anyone can give recommendations for Russian bakeries in Southern California. Perhaps the West Hollywood area? I'm a little clueless, but would like to indulge in some Russian sweets and soon! Any help is, of course, most appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. I think there is one on Santa Monica Blvd called Stolichnaya.

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      Stolichnaya is on the northeast corner of Santa Monica and Fairfax next to Whole Foods, and it totally rocks. They make an incredible poppy seed cake (get it while it's fresh). Enjoy!

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        This is by far my favorite bread place in the area. Just the simple white, crusty round loaf is amazing. The pastries here are also great - just ask what's fresh. They put the warm stuff up near the cash register (probably just to tempt you). I second the poppy seed pastry (haven't seen cake - it's sort of a roll). The poppy hamantashen are usually old, but the fruit ones good. The fresh apple tart barely survives the walk to the car.

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          I think we're talking about the same poppy seed pastry. It comes in a small "single" size (although it's huge) and also as a larger size (in either a rectangular or a horse-shoe shape -- horse-shoe is better). If you can get it super fresh (like, still warm in the center), it's the best.

      2. I don't remember the name of it but I really like the bakery that's on Santa Monica, on the south side, between Fairfax and Orange Grove (it's closer to Orange Grove). They have not only baked goods but a huge selection of cold salads and also prepared foods. They have a lot of Georgian specialties. I served salads and savory pastries from this place at one of my parties and the food was a big hit.

        1. The bakery at Canters Deli may have some Russian items. It is a great old fashioned bakery IMO.

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