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Mar 4, 2007 10:04 AM

vegas bar/lounge with great whiskey selection

I'm planning a bachelor party for 8 guys in their late twenties in Vegas. I'm looking for a bar that has a good selection of scotch and American whiskey. The bar needn't be bursting at the seams with people and energy (we'll get that at spearmint rhino), but we do want to feel like we're living it up in Vegas.

So far, I'm thinking Napolean in Paris, and a bar a friend recommended "right by the entrance to the Bellagio," but I have not been to these bars myself.

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  1. For Whiskey, I always go to Nine Fine Irishmen in NY/NY, where they've got dozens of them on tap. Irish whiskey, though, obviously. It's also my favorite place to hang out in general.

    1. I second Nine Fine Irishmen. The pub itelf was actually built in Ireland and shipped to Vegas. It has a very comfy, woody feel. Great whiskeys!

      1. The best selection of whiskeys in Las Vegas, hands down, can be found at the Freakin' Frog:

        Take a look at the "whiskey attic". Over 500 whiskey selections. Nobody can touch it. Huge beer selection as well. Great little place.

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          Looking back on it, I should've mentioned that the "whiskey attic" is a member-only thing. It's $200 a year for "dues" plus the price of the whiskey you choose to drink. The attic is open Tuesday - Saturday from 8:00 pm until close ( which is between 2:00 - 4:00 depending on business ). Not really worth it if you are only a once-per-year vistor to Vegas, but thought I'd throw it in. If you choose the membership route, you can bring as many "guests" as you'd like which might work out for the better in your case ( split up the "dues" between the guys ). This might be worth it for the couple days you might be here to pay the "membership dues" but get a huge ( and I do mean HUGE ) selection of whiskey/scotch.

        2. The Freakin Frog is a great suggestion; it's not too far off the strip, and you'll more than make up the price of the membership in the cost of drinks on the strip. As lvmanager said, it's a very inspiring selection of whiskey and scotch, with aged scotch that I don't think you will find anywhere else. The Frog also has a huge huge selection of beers, in case anyone wants to drink beer instead. The bar is across from UNLV but gets a very diverse crowd.