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Mar 4, 2007 09:59 AM

Wings and Things?

When I travel from Sonoma County to Richmond, I take the Bayview Exit, and I pass an establishment on my right called Wings and Things (it seems to be next to a hairdresser). Has anyone every tried this? Sorry I can't tell the exact street; I just follow my nose until I hit San Pablo Avenue; this is before that, and also before an overpass, near the freeway exit.

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  1. there is a chain called wings and things. I have eaten at it (in Florida) a few times. It's good for a greasy wing fix, but i don't know if this joint is related to the one you are inquiring

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      Noooo ... this is as far from a chain as you can get ... the full name is Independant Wings N Things BBQ & Soul Food

      Let's say that someone who has worked a block or two away for over 15 years and who I have been trying to bait into going there says it is too scary ... you wuss ... you know who you are if you read this :-)

      This is my Richmond version of Ajanta ... a place where appetite and opportunity never line up. I've been in there twice ... nice people, by the way ... but what I wanted wasn't on the menu or I wasn't hungry enough for a big dinner.

      Here's the info I've gathered to date about the place

      I keep wanting to to get there on Sunday for the soul food, but it hasn't happened. Like the above link says ... one good review on Yelp but I find that often doesn't mean too much ... Yelp has gotten me interested too many times and the reality was a let down. From what I've seen though, this place has promise.

    2. I know the one you are talking about - some friends of mine from work used to go there pretty frequently, but I have not been there myself. That said, I'd brave checking it out!