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Mar 4, 2007 09:38 AM

what is worth going to in brooklyn & is also child friendly?

live in queens, but rarely venture into Brooklyn..was interested in going to a nice spot for my birthday...but we've got an almost 2 year old it's got to be a place that's friendly to tot's...and doesn't mind if they might get a little fussy during the meal....have read good things about Applewood (what is the atmosphere there like?)..and what is the price per person with one app, 2 entree's and dessert? Would like something sort of eclectic and prepared gourmet style......but not puny open to most cuisines---have no idea about areas, etc...Park Slope? Downtown Brooklyn? ....what would be nice to walk around afterwards?..thanks Brooklynites for some help!

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  1. I think that Al Di La in Park Slope would be a good place to go. Very good Italian food in a nice atmosphere. Sort of a Tuscan farmhouse feel; tiles, wood beams on the ceiling. Not cheap, but not hugely expensive either -- $35pp (that could be a bit off). I was there not very long ago and noted some kids. It's a laid back place and I don't think that people would freak out if a toddler fussed a bit. Check out the NY Times review. Afterwards, you could walk up 5th Avenue (it's at 248 5th Ave. at Carroll), or walk up to 7th Avenue and tool around there.

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      Al di La might be OK, but keep in mind that they don't take reservations and the wait can be very long. I would think that w/a 2 year old, getting in and out quickly (or at least on a predictable timetable) would be v. important. If you do go there, arrive right when it opens. Not sure about Applewood. The owners have a baby whom they trot out occasionally, but even so, I don't think you'd feel comfortable w/the glares I'm pretty sure you'd get when the fussing ensued. The place is small and expensive. You don't see a lot of little kid patrons.

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        Al Di La is a wonderful place for dinner....for adults. It doesn't seem to be a good place for toddlers. The wait for a table is very long, with no place to sit down, and they take no reservations. The tables are close together.

      2. I would NOT reccommend taking a child to Applewood. Period. I say this as a parent whose kids have now grown.

        My mantra says...go to Chestnut on a Tues or a Weds for the 3 course $25 pre fixe, one of the best in Brooklyn. They'd be cool with a kid. Plus you can walk around Smith and Court streets after.

        1. Well Ill be interested in what people say but my reply would always be thats what babysitters are for, to enable the parents to have a nice relaxed dinner. A two year old is not going to give you that opportunity to sit an enjoy an upscale meal. And if you are sensivitve to other diners reactions it may be hard too. Ive graduated from that phase of life but its hard to forget.

          Amorina and Franny's are both nice, child-friendly upscale pizzerias with other food also - Frannys has a garden that families can go out in in summer

          Hopefully some of the other hounds with kids will have suggestions from their own experiences more recently than mine.

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            I agree 100%. The kid will be unhappy, and you will be unable to properly enjoy your food.

          2. We've gotten pretty good at being to eat quicker, and enjoy our food, and teach our son how to behave properly in a restaurant. He is generally quite well behaved, and enjoys being in restauarants...I'm certainly not looking for a 4star dining experience with courses, etc...just a very good restaurant that has a delicate hand in the kitchen...we just returned from Miami and had several meals like this, and he behaved like a little gentleman....I understand your point though, for kids that are rowdy, and ruin other diners experience..we are very sensitive to this being older parents...and would take him outside if he was bothering fellow diners...

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