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Mar 4, 2007 08:55 AM

Miami's best recommended?

We are coming to Miami in a few weeks for vacation and are looking for the best recommended places to eat. We were there 4 years ago and ate at Azul, Normans, Pacific Time, Baleen and Aria (at the Ritz where we stayed). We loved Azul, but I understand Michele Bernstein is no longer there. Is Michy's a must? What about the Blue Door at the Delano? Too chi-chi? Other places I've heard about are Nemo, Mosaico, Vix, Marks South Beach, Prime 112 (although we are not big steak house types), OLA, Restaurant at the Setai, I could go on...! We will probably have 6 nights, would love to hear your recommendations...thanks!

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  1. Casa Tua, Casa Tua, Casa Tua, Casa Tua, Casa Tua, Casa Tua.

    I've been to almost all the restaurants you mention, and I think Casa Tua will be one of your favorites. Absolutely beautiful in a non-trendy, extremely comfortable way (Think of eating in the home of a very good friend with a gorgeous place in the Hamptons) and the food was perfect.

    1. Not sure you have been recently but the food at Casa Tua has gone downhill.

      In Sobe:
      Table 8
      Nobu - if you have not been
      Osteria Del Teatro
      Prime 112 - The steak is decent. The other stuff is great.
      Joes Stone Crabs

      Outside Sobe:
      River Cafe

      These are not in any particular order btw.

      Vix is not recommended. Setai - never eaten there but heard it has gotten much better. I doubt it is as good as any of the places above though and it is more expensive.

      1. If you loved Azul you should definitely go to Michy's. Very different kind of place, much more downscale. Highly recommend that you review other postings on this board as the menu is sort of hit or miss (the hits are quite good).

        Other of my favorites: Talula, Mark's South Beach, Nobu if you haven't been, Timo (a little out of the way in Sunny Isles if you're staying in SoBe), Joe's, Ortanique. Johnny V at the Astor Hotel is probably worth a try, I went right when they opened and they were still working the kinks out; it was still good, probably has gotten better.

        Have never been to Blue Door; Nemo is good to very good, but locals have grown tired of it as the menu never changes (OK if you've never been); Mosaico is gone; Vix sounds great but the execution is weak and it's very pricey; OLA was great when it was on Biscayne but I wasn't as enamored after the move to the Beach; Setai is extremely pricey and I haven't been but know people who have and say it's a unique experience.

        1. Thanks for all the info...we are staying at the Ritz Key Biscayne, so coming to SoBe everynight gets draining...but after looking at all the menus most of the places that sound good are there. I've managed to narrow it down a bit...Michy's, Table 8, Talula, Wish, Nemo, Pacific Time, OLA, Cacao, Casa Tua, Marks South Beach and the Blue Door. Nobu doesn't take reservations, and that's a major turnoff for us. Anyone have any opinions on Wish and Cacao? How about Azul with the new chef? I hear he hails from Todd English's kitchen, and I'm not a big Todd English fan. The other thing I've heard is that the Blue Door has very snooty service. Thanks again, this is so great being able to pick your brains!

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            Gotta say, just ate at the blue door and had great service. Food is very good. Do sunday brunch at your hotel. Unbeatable.

            No way on casa tua. Way overrated. Go to ortanique. Or if you want italian Osteria del Teatro blows it out of the water.

            You are also missing Francesco and Graziano's (go to the one on bird rd), Joe's Stone Crabs and River Oyster Bar. All of these deserve consideration. and only one is in Sobe.

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              Try "Chocolate" @2091 Coral Way, 305 858 9088. Sounds as tho it"s for you. Must make reservations.

            2. If you're willing to do an early dinner you can usually get into Nobu by showing up before they open at 7, and having a drink at the bar or at the Skybar outside. There's a bit of milling around as they open the doors and we've already been able to get in as a couple without a wait.

              Last time I was at Wish was a couple chefs ago, so I can't say much about the food, but it's a very nice place to have a meal outside. Cacao is quite nice with a lot of varied South American influences. If you're going to the Gables I might choose Ortanique over Cacao but both are very good. I also like Chispa. Haven't been to Azul since Michelle Bernstein left.

              If you're looking to avoid the trek from Key Biscayne to SoBe, I'm curious if any other chowhounds can comment on Duo, which is in downtown / Brickell Ave. area. I have yet to go but have seen menus they have done for wine events and am quite intrigued.