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Mar 4, 2007 08:54 AM

Rome for 3 days

Going to Rome for three days and looking for suggestions. Ideally very good food, small, unknown, and very Roman/Italian.

A few thoughts on our list which don't necessarily fit that criteria (but hopefully fit the good food criteria) include:

Renato e Luisa
Colline Emiliane
Trattoria Monti
Armando Al Pantheon

Any thoughts on the above restaurants or places we should be going instead? We're trying to decide between the last two for the third night right now. Look forward to responses and thanks for your help!

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  1. LOL your list looks almost exactly like mine did when I was going to Rome last month. Only made it to Colline Emiliane, though, but we loved it. It's rather bright and not romantic inside, but the food is delicious, reasonably priced, interesting, and the service was good. I would have to add Matricianella to the list - it was mentioned so often on this board and in books I was excited to go, and I found it lived up to the expectation - delicious, good prices, very Roman, nice atmosphere...

    1. I was in Rome at the beginning of February. I ate at Armando al Pantheon one night and liked it so much I immediately made reservations for the next night! There were a few tourists, but the tables were mainly occupied by Italians, even as early as 8:30. Try the teenage daughter got it and it was delicious and unlike anything we've had at home. Also, not far from the Pantheon is Taverna le Coppelle, a great place to have a pizza and beer, or a bowl of pasta and some house wine, with an almost entirely Roman crowd.

      Sadly, I was unable to get a reservation for Colline Emiliane the night I was in that part of Rome. Instead, we went to Trattoria Romano and had a terrific meal of typical Roman specialties. There were a fair number of tourists early, but by 9:00-9:30 the Romans were waiting at the door!

      1. a nice, casual place for adults is the enoteca owned by trimani's wine shop (near the stazione termini). decent small plates, seriously decent wine, realistic prices. this is the place to go when you want to kick back and discuss the day. haven't seen a lot of tourists there.

        1. Ate lunch at Trattoria Monti in early Decembver and was less than thrilled. Special of the day was grilled/roasted stuffed pigeon (standard on the menu was rabbit done the same way. The pigeon was overcooked and dry, as was the stuffing. The dish was overpriced for the quality. Wife had a risotto which was nothing different than she had in other places. Also had difficulty finding the place open on days when they were supposedly open - went there 3 different days/times before I found it open; had the same problem 3 years ago.

          1. i disagree with cjt. i love trattoria monti, and return their often. this is not "typical" roman cooking, and it's wonderful for vegetarians. a little pricey, but worth it.