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Mar 4, 2007 08:42 AM

what to call the Upstate (north of Albany) New York area...

Hey fellow foodies...nice site. Up here in the frozen tundra of Saratoga Springs, New York and just wondering which "board" serves this area? I did poke around and see posts on the New England board (which does make sense to some degree, MA & VT are just a hop & a skip to the east...but it ain't NEW YORK, you dig?) as well as the Tri-State board (which is cool 'cause I grew up down there and stuff and I am familiar with some places, blah blah blah, but it still ain't Upstate) Albany and points north are sometimes referred to as the "Saratoga Capital Region"...what's the word on this? Thanks:)

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  1. Great question. I am often wondering how much tread the posts from your area actually get. It doesn't seem like it belongs in the TriState Board just as South Jersey doesn't either. Our NY Metro info is not relevant to you and yours is not generally helpful for us either.

    TriState really should be for Long Island, Westchester, Western Connecticut, Northern Jersey and Rockland and perhaps Putnam, Ulster. That leaves a whole lot of NY to cover.I think you upstate New Yorkers need your own board. Perhaps you could post this request to the Chowteam and see if it flies.

    1. Back in the 60's when I went to college up here, that area was generally referred to the Tri-City area (Schenectady was still booming with GE, Albany & Troy; Saratoga Springs really hadn't boomed yet). As Saratoga grew in stature- it became, as noted- the Saratoga-Capital region (so terms it by the state park system, the local media, etc.). Sometimes the area from Saratoga north is referred to as The North Country-kind of vague, but seems to include the foothill areas, as well as a bit of the Adirondack region. I second the motion to have a dedicated board just for upstate- I normally think of Tristate as meaning lower NY, NJ and CT, but not necessarily up here.

      1. As a former resident of Albany/Colonie/Schenectady/East Greenbush/Niskayuna, I would agree that being included in the vast area defined as "Tri-State" is a bit of a stretch. On the same note, New England covers VT, CT, NH,ME and most of MA with the exception of Boston. Do these fine states not warrant there own threads as well !

        1. I don't see the problem here. The "tri-states" as listed on this board are "Northern NJ, Long Island, Southeastern CT, and NY Counties North of NYC."

          Last time I checked, and contrary to the opinions of many in the NYC region, the counties north of NYC are still in NY state too.

          1. The original comment has been removed