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Mar 4, 2007 08:42 AM

Homefries at Zeitgeist

Was out at Zeitgeist last night and ordered a side of the homefries to share with friends....we were all impressed! Big serving of homefries had good spice and many of the potatoes were crispy, almost burnt (in a good way). I had been wanting french fries, but this was even better. And only 2 dollars! Yes, they are only potatoes, but they were very well made, making this a good deal if you are out drinking at Zeitgeist.

Also had a corn dog....the outer corn layer was somewhat thin and a bit greasy, but the hot dog on the inside was plump and juicy. I recommend this too, but not as much as the homefries.

Zeitgeist is on the corner of Valencia and Duboce.

Dave MP

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  1. Ohmigod, you made me want these--do tell, were there bits o' onion and pepper? That would make them the stuff of dreams.

    1. I am almost positive there were onions....almost positive there weren't peppers though. Everything was crispy and mixed together and it was dark so it was hard to tell. But they are definitely very good homefries, and go great with cold beer.

      Dave MP

      1. the hamburgers eclipse the fires!

          1. I was also there yesterday and also had the home fries for the first time. Hot damn! Everything Dave said I second. At Zeitgeist, the ambiance of outdoor dining on a sunny day with the smell of grilling meat in the air adds a lot to the enjoyment.