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Mar 4, 2007 07:34 AM

Is spaghetti "parm" a Buffalo thing?

Here in Buffalo some of the pasta houses will cover a plate of sauced spaghetti with mozzarella and run it under a broiler to brown the top.

Like so:

So it's not chicken parm or eggplant parm; you can get it with a meatball or sausage or whatever, but mostly it's just pasta, sauce and cheese.

My question is, is this a Buffalo thing? It's so simple that I assume it's done lots of places. But I don't live in lots of places, so I don't know.

(Apologies for the blog-pimpage, but I'm genuinely curious.)

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  1. Well, I live near Boston, am thoroughly Italian and have never heard of it. I know in the grand scheme, that admission doesn't mean much, but coming from a family of fantastic cooks and having sampled Italian meals at many of greater Boston's good, better, and best restaurants....
    Spaghetti Parmasano is a dish I have yet to see listed on a menu. Sounds interesting though, and mildly decadent, if that's a possibility. Perhaps it will be another first for Buffalo as the wings were.

    1. Grew up and still live in NY Metro, college in Boston and lived in Miami. Area where I grew up and also the one in which I currently live have large Italian American populations as, of course, does the North End of Boston. Never heard of Spaghetti Parm or seen in a restaurant but sounds tasty.

      1. I've seen a number of baked pasta dishes on menus that often have a sprinkling of mozzarella and (maybe) grated parmesan cheese added before baking. In particular, ziti and penne are often offered this way. But I've never seen it referred to as "ziti parmesan" or "penne parmesan."

        1. I've seen it it a number of places. It's usually just called 'baked spaghetti.'

          1. I think it looks delicious ... in a cheap kind of way. That dish reminds me of the typical inexpensive standbys: chicken, veal, or eggplant parmigiana(s) where everything on the plate tastes like sauce and gooey cheese. Hey, as long as the sauce is good, you're safe, otherwise it's just a stringy gooey unappealing mess.

            My sis went to D’Youville College in Buffalo, and when we went to the Italian festival in August (years ago), I didn't see it on any of the street food menus. If I did, I would have tried some.