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Mar 4, 2007 07:30 AM


I loved this restaurant. Service was attentive and down to earth, the choices interesting unlike "mashed potatoes and onion rings" steakhouse, expensive but worth it for a wonderful tasty classy dining experience.

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    1. absolutely spectacular restaurant- well worth the price. top notch ingredients expertly prepared. everything from the inexpensive hanger steak to the incredible wagyu (american) were just fabulous. enjoy fb

      1. Was there about two weeks ago, just two days after eating at BLT Prime (I know too much red meat) and felt this place paled in comparision...I had the 45(?) day aged, corn-fed strip dtothe filet at BLT. The filet at BLT was amazing, the sides, especially the leek hash were also far superior. Except for the service which was very attentive and the added bonus of seeing Tom C. walking the floor.