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Mar 4, 2007 06:58 AM

Confused about New Jersey?

I had been browsing New Jersey topics on the Tri-state Region board (NY, NJ and CT, right?). Then, today I happen to notice that many, many New Jersey posts appear on the Mid-Atlantic board. Which is it, or is it both, and why?

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  1. I agree. I got so sick of searching around different boards that I just stopped posting in NJ. (I live in Florida, but I'm from there.)

    I'm from Bayonne, and I would find postings for that on the Outer Boroughs, Mid-Atlantic and Tri-State board. I know some New Jerseyans consider themselves from New York (I know I did) and some from Philadelphia (like my friends from Cherry Hill). But if we can just make one board for New Jersey and make everyone stick to that.

    OR, since I know the mgmt isn't into creating new boards, can they please specify, somewhere prominent, which board NJ belongs to? Because three is way too many...

    1. I would definitely use the Boards more if I could find the New Jersey postings. The postings also never seem to be moved or edited to a new board either. I wonder if any other states fall into three categories?

      1. Yeah, being a New Jersey-based poster is definitely frustrating. Although the tagline for the Mid-Atlantic board includes "Central/Southern NJ..." and the tagline for the Tri-State includes "Northern NJ...", the major problem is that NOBODY on Earth agrees what constitutes the border between North Jersey and Central Jersey.

        Everything south of about Hackensack and north of about Princeton is in a virtual geographic-terminology war zone between the people who say it's North and the people who say it's Central.

        That said, I'm glad to finally see a Trenton post recently being forcibly moved from the Tri-State board to the Mid-Atlantic board.

        Wow, people sometimes post about NJ on the Outer Boroughs board? What are they smoking? People sometimes *joke* that NJ is the 6th borough, and I think it's a nice nickname or whatever, but it's not REAL, you hippies! Or not yet anyway.

        1. I don't know who came up with the idea of splitting NJ between two boards but, not only is it ridiculous, it's an insult. No other state in the US is treated this way on this site. Also, every other food forum I know of has a NJ-only board or, at the very least, keeps the entire state together on a multi-state board.

          Repeated requests by NJ Hounds for a NJ-only board have, sadly, fallen on moderators' deaf ears. So, we live with the situation as best we can. It is fairly easy to make a distinction between the northern and southern parts of the state. The big problem is determining where to draw the borders of central NJ.

          When I see posts that I feel are not on the correct board, I use the "Report" mechanism to alert the moderators, state why I feel the post should be moved, and most of the time, the moderators concur.

          Since the format change, posts on the Tri-State board have been sparse. The main action is on the Mid-Atlantic board, where there is lots of participation by a terrific group of Hounds. So, come join us there! :-)

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          1. re: RGR

            FTR - CT is also split between 2 board, Tri-State and New England.

            And coming from NJ (Exit 136) if you are insulted by this you got a long road ahead of you. :-)))

          2. Glad to see I'm not the only frustrated user. One thing for sure is that New Jersey is NOT an Outer Borough.... OK, where would you post for questions concerning the Middlesex County or New Brunswick areas? Thanks for your help.

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            1. re: Mayner

              If you look at the map, you will see that Middlesex County is located in about the middle of the state (north-to-south), so I consider it Central NJ. Thus, in my view, posts about restaurants in Middlesex County, like New Brunswick and vicinity, belong on the Mid-Atlantic board. I use Middlesex (and Hunterdon to its west) as the general dividing line, i.e., restaurants in counties to the north belong on the Tri-State board, those to the south on the Mid-Atlantic board.

              1. re: RGR

                That's the trouble - no one knows what the true boundary is.

                Anyone who lives below what I call the "M-Line" (Mercer/Monmouth/Middlesex Counties) believes that anything inside or above the M-Line is north.

                Anyone above the M-line believes that everything inside or below is south.

                For the most part, only people living in the M-line realize the overlap. I know that I personally never considered the possiblity of "Central Jersey" until I lived in Mercer County and realized it was neither North Jersey or South Jersey in both the geographic and cultural senses.

                It is a little annoying to have to monitor both boards for NJ-related posts. If there isn't a separate NJ board (I doubt there's enough traffic to justify it) I would love to just see "NJ Posts Go HERE," be it Tri-state, or Mid-atlantic.

                1. re: jzerocsk

                  You are probably right that people living north of the M counties consider everything south of them to be "South NJ." However, while there is no "official" answer to the boundary question, the "Central NJ" designation is not a recent development for those of us living in the M counties. I have been living in Monmouth County for almost 40 years, and whenever someone has asked, I have never said I live in South NJ. I either say, "Central," or because of the particular location of my town, "South/Central."

                  As for monitoring two boards, you are correct that it is a royal pain. However, the time I spend checking the Tri-State Board is minimal. When it comes to NJ, that board is pretty much moribund since NJ posts there are very few and very far between. As I've said, happily, we have a great group of NJ Hounds on the Mid-Atlantic board, so that's where just about all the NJ restaurant action takes place.

                  1. re: RGR

                    Central Jersey isn't a new concept to M-Liners, but outside the M-Line the rest of the state remains, for the most part, completely unaware of it! Strange but true :-)

                2. re: RGR

                  Hey, RGR, I pretty much agree with your suggestion that restaurants to the north of the Hunterdon-Middlesex axis belong on the Tri-State board. I’m thinking, however, that Union County should also be included in Mid-Atlantic. If not, restaurants in places like Westfield and Rahway (for example, Chez Catherine and Restaurant David Drake) would be placed in Tri-State. For me, that just doesn’t compute. In any case, a county-based division between Tri-State and Mid-Atlantic seems more logical than drawing a line across the state, as you have suggested more recently.

                  Unfortunately, the moderators have clearly stated that New Jersey is not going to get its own board any time soon. I guess we’ll just have to continue with what is a very confusing situation. Perhaps we can persuade the powers that be to at least come out with a specific statement as to where the boundary is between the two boards. We in New Jersey will still have to monitor both boards but at least we’d know where Mid-Atlantic ends and Tri-State begins.

                  1. re: ambrose


                    You make an excellent point. I've always considered Chez Catherine, David Drake's and even Lorena's to be in Central NJ. So, I am now amending my previous geographical division with regard to Central NJ to include Union County and the sourthern part of Essex.

                    1. re: RGR

                      If the CH team would take a pencil and draw a horizontal line across the "food belly" of NJ a North & South NJ Board would be very helpful. One divide, clearly stating north andsouth then central wouldn't be a guessing game. A Tri state board in CH's infancy worked...6 million posters later...not so much.