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Mar 4, 2007 06:58 AM

Places to eat near Vatican?

My husband and I are going to Rome for a week and staying at an apartment near the Vatican. The apartment is off of Clivo del Monte del Gallo right by the San Pietro station. Does anyone have any recommendations for good places to eat near by? How far would it be to walk to Trastevere from there? Would we be better off taking the train there? Any advice is appreciated.


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  1. Have always eaten well at: Giarrosto Dal Toscano at Via Germanica 56, near the Vatican Museum. Huge fireplace/grill for steaks, other meats, and slabs of meat on hooks. Try the Pasta Giulio Caesaro or pasta with boar sauce (cinghale) or rabbit/hare sauce (coniglie). Great grilled meats. Try for lunch when you are near the Vatican Museum. If you walk from St. Peter's north as if you are going to the Vatican Museum, continue straignt ahead (rather than turning left to go to the Museum) and cross the bus and tram sops area. Continue straight another 2-3 blocks and you will see on yur left, corrner of Via Ottaviano and Germanico a store selling coffee, groceries, candy. Turn left from that store and you will find the restaurant.

    1. Right across the street from the line to get into the Vatican Museums is a great gelato shop - Old Bridge Gelateria - great flavors, and HUGE portions!!! Any time near the Vatican is an excuse to go here for me.

      1. Best places around the Vatican to eat anything? Well, tongue firmly in cheek:
        -- San Pietro, Altar of the Chair: The Blessed Sacrament
        -- San Pietro, Altar of St. Joseph, The Blessed Sacrament
        -- Caffe San Pietro, via della Concilazione: the espresso

        Otherwise, starve or go elsewhere, I've heard Giarrosto Dal Toscano is good. Now I did have a satisfactory meal, albeit expensive, in the restaurant atop the Hotel Atlantic star in Jan 2004; you can't beat the view if your seated as to see the dome of San Pietro. Further afield, Il Simposio di Costantini is good for wine (Piazza Cavour). I thought Taverna Angelica, piazza Amergo Capponi, overpriced, however good the food.