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Mar 4, 2007 05:25 AM

Private Dining Room for 50th Anniversary

Any suggestions out there for a good place to host a dinner party for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary? Most of their friends are in their 70's. No small children but there will be about 8 young people ages 10-18. Good food and warm ambience is a must. Thanks

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  1. Many restaurants have private dining rooms, and a person on their staff that can help you plan your event.

    Three important decision factors determine what might be an appropriate place:

    1. Location. What is the most convenient location (city neighborhood or suburban town) to most of your guests, or where would you ideally like it to be held?

    2. Total number of people. Many restaurants have private rooms for 20-40 people. Far fewer can serve a private party of 100+.

    3. Budget. For example, fine dining places may cost $125-300 per person, a party in a restaurant in Greek Town might run $30-50/pp, and there are many places in between those figures.

    Stating this information for your party will help us focus the recommendations on your particular needs.

    One recent topic here has upscale recommendations for 50 people in Evanston and downtown Chicago:

    1. Thank you nsxtasy! Those are superb pointers and I'll check out the topic you listed.