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Mar 4, 2007 04:16 AM

Alidoro-Pinocchio Hero is the best-no lie

Proscuitto, soppressata, fresh mozzarella, sweet peppers (I also add hot) and olive tapenade on a sfogliati bread about the length of my arm (or maybe Pinocchio's nose after he's told a whopper which is the name of the sandwich when ordering) is the best damn hero in the city-no lie. Yes Faicco's and Parisi are also good-Italian Food Center is now worse than dead-it sucks. I have yet to go to Mike's on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. Leo's in Queens is good but not worth the trip if Alidoro (nee Melampo) is open.

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  1. Agreed, I haven't found a better Italian style sandwich than this in the city. I think I also had the Pinocchio on the one occasion I was there and I ended up eating the "monster" in 3 instalments.

    Also worth noting that they have a small selection of Italian deli products and a couple of books all of which looked good although maybe the books weren't for sale but for perusal whilst the sandwich is made fresh and to order.

    1. Have you tried the Italian combo at Salumeria Biellese? Not as refined as Alidoro but the meat is similarly top notch -- e.g., they use their house salami. Best of all, it's at or below $5, if I remember correctly, which is about half the price of Alidoro.

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        I have not fully investigated Salumeria Biellese. I once made my own which was good there. Also their culatello is to die for.

      2. Amen on Alidoro. Although I also love a simple proscuitto, sun-drieds and fresh motz from the Parisi bakery.

        1. I have not been in a number of months to have a Pinocchio, but the last couple times i had one I had onyl one regret, it was not all it once was when made by Allessandro, when I would have easily walked 40 blocks just to get one, and I did do so. When he was there, I was torn as to the best sandwich on earth was either the Pinochio or the Arzibubo, and there simply was not other compeition. I was like measuring Michael Jordan in his prime, and the only comparisons were all legends. Since then, I still think Aliodoro makes a fine, fine sandwich, but I have not been willing to walk from midtown on a Saturday, burning a portion of the calories to be consumed, past some pretty good sandwiches, to get to Aliodoro.

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            Well speaking from the city with the greatest "team" basketball Legend of all-time, William Felton Russell, that's Mr. Russell to you, why is there no mentioned of capicola in any of these greatest NYC sangs?

            Curious minds want to know.

            1. re: Harp00n

              Go to Mike's Deli on Arthur Ave in the Bronx, and ask for a Big Mike's Combo (or a Mussolini - no joke!). Nothing fancy, but great ingredients on excellent bread. You won't be disappointed.


              p.s. Even as a lifelong suffering Knick fan, I recognize Russell's greatness and grace, but Jordan was an avatar of the basketball Gods, and really - at peak - in a league of his own.

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                I'm sure you get some capicolla on a sandwich at Aliodoro, or any one of my other favorites around NYC. I am sure you could get it at Domanicks Deli (1st Ave. at jsut below 61st), Faicco, Leo's, Mike's, Manganaro's Groceria (uses great ingredients in their sandwiches but not enough of them).

                But the Pinnochio just doesn't have capicolla. And Allessandro would have never put it on a Pinnochio, just as he would never make you a Fellini without meat (Allessandro: How can I make the Fellini without meat, the Fellini has salmino on it. If I made a Fellini without salmino, it wouldn't be a Fellini. Customer: OK, then make me a Fellin with the meat. Allessandro: No, you will take the meat off.) And if you are putting enough prosciutto, soppressata and mozzarella on a sandwich to clog three major arteries, why mess around with adding a few slices of capicolla (or gabbagool (sp?) as I have heard it called)? Make a new sandwich with the capicolla, maybe some provolone, mortadella, and whatever else you want to add. What's few arteries more? And either have both or split the sandwiches with a friend. A man of your appetite Harp00n should be able to handle both.

                And as for Russell, as I was trying to express, sometimes you need to reference legends in order to compare things or people. With whom can you compare Jordan and Russell? Only others who are or may become legends. It requires reference to a legend to compare the wonder to a sandwich made by Allessandro Guilandi (sp?) to anything else you might have eaten. His attitude and rules were well worth putting up with once you bit into one of his creations. Alas, they are no more.

                  1. re: a_and_w

                    Value wise Groceria something to be desired. There is just not that much meat on the sandwich when one compares it to some of the other places, and it's price is up there. However, I've always thought that the quality of the ingredients was fine, there jsut isn't enough of them.

                    Dominick's Deli is probably the best value I've had in a while. $6.25 for a sandwich that is very filling.

                  2. re: Captain

                    I used to get great heros at rosario's on wall street about 25 years ago and me and my buddy would go in chanting "gabbagool gabbagool gabbagool!" ;). By the way, anybody try Salumeria Biellese? faicco's has a homemade cappicolla