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Mar 4, 2007 03:23 AM

Petaluma Breakfest Spots?

Plans have changed and we girls are going to the otlets in Petaluma
any good breakfest places in the area?

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  1. the water street bistro is right on the river, and is definitely the casual Sunday morning scene for a light breakfast. It is just off the little footbridge at the dead end of Western street. Drive down East Washington, Left on Petaluma Blvd one long block to Western, and the restaurant is down at the end of the pedesrian area. OR. . .
    TBO Three Blocks Off is much fancier, just up Western 3 blocks.

    1. I love Water Street Bistro, especially for lunch. Just know that they don't have "normal" egg-type breakfasts. Quiche is about as close as you'll get to that.

      1. I would also suggest Della Fatoria on Petaluma Blvd., the Tea Room on Western or for more typical, yet still good breakfast fare, try Hallie's in front of the Petaluma market on Keller. BTW, don't confuse the new tea shop on Western across from the Petaluma market with the Tea Room further west on Western. I haven't heard a single good thing (unfortunately) about the tea shop, but love the Tea Room.

        1. The Tea Room is fantastic, though sometimes difficult to get a seat.

          1. Does the Tea Room have "real food" breakfasts? Or just tea and associated stuff?