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Mar 4, 2007 03:18 AM

Need input on Downtown Atlantic

Hey 'hounders,
I'm planning to go to Downtown Atlantic this week for lunch. How is it these days? I've tried searching for previous posts about it but it's at least two years old. What would you recommend?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. One of our regular go to places, we're there at least every two weeks. Since you're talking about lunch, I wont bother telling you that the pork chop specials and the chicken dinners are excellent. Instead, I'll focus in on their pulled pork sandwich w/fries. I like it even more than the Waterfront Ale House. Check out the pastries... especially the cupcakes.

    1. I just went there in January for lunch with a bunch of people from my office, and they/we all liked it. Besides the pulled pork which Steve R. mentioned, the po'boy sandwich is good, as are the burgers.

      1. The steak sandwich is outstanding. The best I've had anywhere.

        1. Went for late lunch yesterday for first time. Torn between steak sandwich and pulled pork. Went with pulled pork. Loved it, but I'm still giving the nod to Watefront. Next time I'll get the steak sandwich. Got cupcakes to go and enjoyed them with the wife on the couch...

          Side note: Are the pulled pork styles different? One noticable difference I found was the Downtown sandwich's sauce was sweeter...

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            Very different & I eat them regularly in both places. The D.A. sauce is much less vinegary and sweeter. D.A. also gives you fries and better cole slaw. But, both are excellent.

            Shrimp po boys are also worth getting.

          2. Slaw was very good. I meant to ask if these are different regional styles of pulled pork--like carolina v texas or something like that...
            As you said, both are excellent. Now I'm gonna jones all week for a steak sandwich...

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            1. re: abu applesauce

              The pulled pork at DTA is not smoked, Waterfront's is, so technically speaking the DTA pulled pork is not bbq. I've never really cared for the DTA version, I find the sauce too sweet. Love their turkey club though and the steak sandwich.

              1. re: jakeyd

                Would Downtown Atlantic be a good spot for dinner before a 7:30 show at BAM? Is it easy walking distance to Fulton Street, and would I need a reservation on a Saturday ?

                1. re: anna banana

                  It's about a ten minute walk, I'd advise getting a reservation. Thomas Beisl would also be a good prte-Bam choice, it's right across the street