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Mar 4, 2007 12:12 AM

The Best Tres Leches in LA

I like tres leches cake and I think I have found the best. It's at El Floridita Restaurant on Fountain and Vine in Hollywood. It's this cool Cuban place. There food is nice and the cake is out of this world. I would stop and go in there just for a piece of cake, which runs about $6, but it's well worth it.

If you know of any other bomb tres leches cakes around town please let me know.

Happy eating....

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  1. Portos and Cafe Tropical, I think. They are both different, but both really yummy to me. Tropical's is big and very satisfying, but Portos has that lightly bruleed merengue topping that is really nice too.

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      My favorite place to get Tres Leches from is Portos.

      I got a Tres Leches from Vallarta (Victory & Ethel) and i was extremely disappointed. It had 12inches of Whipped cream on top and the cake was dry and thin. I ate a couple bites and tossed the rest.

      Portos has a variety of sizes to choose from. I like the 1/8 sheet (i think about the size of a banana bread loaf) for about 5 bucks.

      Shit, i guess I'll be stopping porto's today. Thanks, this is excatly what I need for lunch.

      And by the way Good Eats (Alton Brown) currently has a "milk" episode running on the food network and Alton makes a Tres Leches.

    2. I am not sure who their purveyor is but SUPER A FOODS supermarket with locations all over the greater Los Angeles area sells a delicious chunk of Tres Leches or a whole cake. The chunk is large enough to share and is priced around $1-$2, not bad. Of course I never need an excuse to try something at Porto's.

      1. The tres leches at Vallarta is fantastic. It's a huge slice of white cake with frosting -- enough for 2-3 people -- soaking in the leches for $1.75. I prefer to go to the Vallartas that have the cake pre-sliced in plastic containers. The only time I was disappointed with the tres leches cake is when I had to ask the bakery counter to slice a piece for me because there were no pre-packaged slices. The bakery did not put any extra leches in the bottom so only the bottom half of the cake had absorbed the sweetness and I had no extra leches to sop up.

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        1. re: Jwsel

          The 3-Leches at Vallarta Supermarkets is so good as is their Flan Napolitano!

          1. re: sel

            Absolutely yes on the Vallarta 3-leches. It's put out fresh continuously all day. My favourite is the one with the peach on top.

            1. re: Das Ubergeek

              Ditto on Vallarta's tres leches. However, I'll agree with the person who wrote (on another thread) that, when it comes to tres leches, not all Vallarta locations are the same.

              IMO, the East LA branch was OK, but not great. But the Sylmar branch was much, much butter. Not only more moist, but I think the slice of cake was larger, too.

              BTW, the slices are now going for $1.99 each in Sylmar.

              1. re: nl06

                "much, much butter" -- right on!

                The very best is from either the Victory and Ethel branch, or the Vineland branch (between Vanowen and Sherman, adjacent to the Bob Hope Airport runway).

                1. re: Das Ubergeek

                  Good catch, Das. I wouldn't be surprised if the cake did have "much, much butter."

                  I was surprised, though, that two different branches were so different. Thanks for the recs on the other two locations. Will have to check them out.

                  1. re: Das Ubergeek

                    The tres leches at the Victory and Woodley branch has always been quite good when I've tried it.

            2. re: Jwsel

              Maybe I had a bad one, but the piece (in container) I got several months ago was too dry and had no flavor.

              My local panaderia (Mi Panaderia on Habor near Whittier Blvd in La Habra) has a better version in terms of moistness and flavor. So good that we got it for a birthday cake once.

            3. allow the old girl her nostalgia--

              back when Gallo's Grill was still open in East LA (sigh! best carne asada almost EVAR), their desserts came from the bakery across the street, which I think is still there (unlike Gallo's--waah!). me 'n' a girlfriend ordered the tres leches to seal our fates after dinner once--both of us went insane for it. (short drive.)

              anyone wishing to break this off into a "come back Gallo's Grill thread" is encouraged to do so. miss them!!

              1. El Gallo is a tradition, excellent 3 leches. Yes, it is sad that after all this time Gallo's Grill remains closed. Their chicken was perfectly grilled, moist, and well seasoned. You are so correct, the 3 leches is delish. My personal favorites at the panaderia El Gallo are the elotes and nueces pan dulces.