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Mar 3, 2007 10:36 PM

Black-and-white cookies

Does anyone know where I can find black-and-white cookies in Seattle? We used to call them "half-moons" back in Boston. In the best ones I've had (usually found in the grocery store in Jewish neighborhoods, not at the Italian bakeries), the icing would typically be a little bit hardened, and not too sweet.

Mmm, I've just finished my dessert for the evening (thanks for the great rum ball, B&O!), but my mouth is watering thinking about the perfect half-moon.

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  1. The coffee shop on Madison that imports H&H bagels once had some pre-packaged ones. The place is just east of MLK on the north side of the street. That was a year or two ago, though.

    Otherwise, I have never seen a black and white in Seattle - I don't think they exist here.