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Mar 3, 2007 09:32 PM

Longing for Lin's Bakery

Birthdays aren't the same at my house without the wonderful oriental cakes from the now defunct Lin's Bakery on Vets. Blvd. near Williams. I tried one of the whipped cream and fruit-filled cakes from Dong Phuong Oriental Bakery in N.O. East, but it just wasn't the same. A friend mentioned that they heard of an oriental bakery somewhere in Kenner that makes the cakes I'm looking for ... light yellow cake layered with whipped cream and sliced fresh strawberries, very light and absolutely delicious. Does anyone know the name of this bakery?

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  1. Chez Pierre is probably the place you're looking for: it's on Veterans in Kenner, riverside, between Roosevelt & Williams, probably has the cake, or will make it for you upon request. CP also makes excellent french bread in various sizes/shapes, croissants, epis, pate chaud (viet puff pastry pork meatpies), and a plethora of fancy desserts in individual and large sizes. Also try Au Delice on Magazine St. betw. Henry Clay & State...another french/viet bakery.

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      Thanks! I'll check both of these out and let you know what I discover ... these cakes have been such a part of every family birthday, and mine is coming up and the end of this month.

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        O'delice didn't have the Lin's style cake but Chez Pierre does ... I ordered one for this Friday so I'll have an update by the weekend.

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          I had a pate chaud (pork meat pie) and a chocolate cream pie from Chez Pierre this weekend and both were great. I hope your cake surpasses expectations!

      2. That's a shame. I used to get my daughter's cakes from them when I lived in J.P.

        1. i used to buy most of my cakes from Lin's bakery. from what i heard (secondhand) Lin's Bakery still exists but the original owners have sold the business. the cakes from this Lin's Bakery are not the same taste/quality. i bought a cake pre-Katrina from the new owners and it was dry, the whipped cream "frosting" had an oily(?) after taste. i used to be able to get fruits like longan or lychee instead of strawberriesfor the fillings but the new owners would not do this stating it was out of season (it comes in cans, how can it be out of season?).

          as for Chez Pierre, my previous experience about their cake is that the cakes tend to be soggy. i understand coffee cakes are brushed with coffee, but i thought it was for moistness? anyhow, very disappointed in the "oriental" cakes in the 504.

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            Chez Pierre makes the Lin's Bakery cake- they bought Lin's Bakery.

          2. Parrot Pete's on the Westbank makes a cake that has a whipped cream icing and fresh fruit, it's kind of like Whole Foods Chantilly Cake.