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Mar 3, 2007 08:37 PM

Rasika, Bombay Club or Indique?

I'll be in D.C. next weekend, and would like to go to one of these Indian restaurants for lunch. Any recs on which is the BEST? Thanks!

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  1. "Best" is always a very personal decision but my favorite of the thrree is Rasika. I think it more inventive.

    1. I love the Bombay Club, but I have to agree that Rasika (which is also wonderful) is more inventive. So, if you want old school, go with Bombay Club; for something a little more offbeat, go Rasika. You didn't mention atmosphere, but Bombay Club is very old school opulent, while Rasika is more modern (and can get very loud).

      1. Hands down, Rasika. I think, bite-for-bite, it's one of the top kitchens in DC these days.

        1. Thanks for sharing your opinions. I'm more interested in good food rather than ambiance. I appreciate inventive Indian food too so perhaps Rasika is the way to go...

          1. Be sure to have reservations at Rasika. Might not hurt to make them now.