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Mar 3, 2007 08:14 PM

Dinner recommendation, downtown Oakland?

We're looking for a place to have dinner in downtown Oakland next Saturday evening. Any kind of cuisine is fine, doesn't have to be super cheap, but we'd like someplace casual, and preferably not to noisy. Any recommendations?

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  1. Binh Minh Quan for Vietnamese, Fat Lady for Bar and Grill type fare (also decent drinks), I'm not sure if it's opened yet, but Kai's for Japanese-American.

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    1. We like Breads of India. Also, Le Cheval is supposed to be really good, but is usually crowded and noisy.

      1. A friend and I had a nice dinner at "B" a couple of weeks ago.

        1. I have not been to Verbena in a long time, so maybe someone has an update.

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          1. re: Lori SF

            Not open on Saturdays, unfortunately.

          2. I'd second the Fat Lady for good food and great atmosphere. The airy contents of the bread basket is the only reminder that you are in Oakland.

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