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Mar 3, 2007 08:13 PM

highland/melrose spots?

i just moved to willoughby at highland. what are some good places to eat around here?
i went to red pearl kitchen and it was great. i usually eat at m cafe.
any suggestions?

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  1. Mozza is good for a late night meal. Decently Priced for food and service.
    Fast Casual is the standard California Chicken Cafe. (Melrose east of La Brea)
    Lala's Argentine on Melrose (west of La Brea)
    The Villiage Idiot - good British Pub on Melrose at Martel
    Ammo is great for Sunday Brunch - a little pricey but worth the splurge
    Lucy's Adobe Mexican Food on Melrose right across from Paramount Studios

    Hope that helps a little...

    1. For an upscale restaurant on a special occasion, try Providence, CH's favorite restaurant in LA :0) Had the best dinner of my life there on Thursday.

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      1. Azami on Melrose at Detroit.
        Kung Pao Santa Monica and Fairfax.
        Susina on Beverly at Detroit.
        Antonio's for Mexican on Melrose at Vista.
        Ca Brea and Sonora on La Brea.
        Cal Chick Cafe on Melrose.
        There are many places on 3rd St. around Crescent Heights.

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          Oh and... Grub for lunch, and Wild Oats Cafe.
          Girasole on Larchmont is great, and there are lots of other places along that street.

        2. M Cafe is great. The Dive (used to be Highland Grounds) is surprisingly good and cheap. Ammo, yes. Angelini Osteria is on Beverly, when you really want to splurge and go just a little farther outside the boundaries. And Doughboys is opening soon.

          1. Other worthy candidates on Beverly and 3rd Street west of La Brea.

            Cobras and Matadors
            And all of Farmer's Market.

            This is all without going any further east than Fairfax.