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Mar 3, 2007 06:58 PM

Larison's Turkey Farm is now....

My boyfriend lives in Chester, NJ and I was able to make out the sign today. I believe they are getting ready to open soon under the name "The Black Pudding Inn" and "Toppers Pub". I read on Rosie's column in NJ Monthly or heard from Rosie on The Restaurant Guys' podcast (can't remember which) that the Inn will be more expensive but you can get less expensive alternatives at the pub (much in the style of Black Horse Inn/ Tavern and Gramercy Tavern/ Tavern Room, and Ryland Inn/ Bar menu). We'll definitely try it once it opens, since it's literally around the corner, so I'll keep you posted! I'm very excited/intersted!

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  1. I haven't thought about or been to the turkey farm in years. Sad to see it doesn't exist anymore. As a kid we would go there pretty often with the grandparents. Wait in a long line, look at the turkeys on death row out in the back, then enjoy a great turkey dinner. I'd say that was about 36 years ago! I guess place changed. If it were the same as it was back then, it would still be around.

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      It's been bought several times now and always failed. I'm glad they are changing it to something completely different. There seems to be a curse in the name.

    2. I just passed by there yesterday. I believe the restaurant is actually going to be called "The Pudding Stone Inn".

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        Thanks.. It was hard to read that plastic banner...

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