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Fuddruckers in South Forida?

Can anyone tell me where the Fudds is in south florida? I went to their website last fall in hopes of finding one and it listed one on sunrise Blvd. Surprise, surprise it was closed down. I love their fresh burgers have missed them since I moved here over a year ago and would really like to have one soon. Thanks.

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  1. The only one left I know of is in the Kendall/Pinecrest area in South Miami, on US1 and SW 104th Street. That's the Fuddruckers I grew up going to, and I have very fond memories of it. While a lot of the locations in South Florida have closed (including one in Coconut Grove and another in Fort Lauderdale), that one has somehow remained. Fudds makes my favorite burgers in the world, so I hope it (and the sole location we have here in Orlando) stay open for good.

    1. Thank you Big Bad Voodoo Lou for your response. It is irritating that Fudds doesn't update their website location listings. We really had a bad craving oneday for their burger and drove all the way from Delray to Sunrise Blvd only to find it closed. We actually found Char Hut which wasn't too bad and reminded me of Cook Out in NC where I am from. I appreciate it and hope to go sometime if in Miami.

      1. I once had a co-worker try to convince me that Char-Hut is better than Fudds. I admit I haven't tried it, but I'd be very skeptical. Cheeburger Cheeburger and Five Guys Burgers and Fries both make tasty burgers, in case you have either of those near you, but neither comes close to the greatness of Fudds. Yes, I like the place, can you tell?

        1. Fudds South Beach closed too! Never really took off here in trendoidville. I urge you to try Jack's Old Fashioned Hamburgers in FTL and Pompano as a replacement. They are not the same as Fudds, I happen to think they are better, but if you go with an open mind and don't expect a Fudd burger, you may have a new hamburger haven! Also, go to Le Tub on Hollywood Beach. Now that's a burger, in fact, it won best burger in the country! I did a post, my very first, about a year ago titled TOP BURGERS IN FLA. Do a search and you'll get some other great ideas that may even be closer to home. Last I saw, that thread had +/- 150 posts on it! So, you are sure to find one to your liking...

          1. The Tub in Hollywood by the Intercoastal does fab burgers in a great location on the water. Very rough and ready but an interesting spot. Lots of bathtubs filled with plants and the place is built with flotsam and jetsum, paper plates etc but promise it is worth the trip and wait.

            1. There used to be one in Coconut Grove Miami too, but they probably closed it. The only other I know of has already been listed in South Miami on US1.

              You can go to their website and click on Fuddruckers Finder-it's the 2nd tab and enter zip codes or click on the State you wish to find them in. Looks like one in South Miami closed. They only two locations for the State. One in Miami (NW 19th Street) and one in Orlando on I-Drive.

              1. Thank you all for your suggestions. I had actually seen the "Best burger in FLA" thread. Le tub sounds very interesting. Might try it sometime.

                1. 10680 Northwest 19th Street
                  Doral, FL 33172-2542
                  Phone: (305) 591-4050

                  Take 836 West, exit SW 107 Ave, go north to 19street, make right into shopping plaza.

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                    I like the Fuddruckers in Doral. It's relatively new and in a nice shopping strip. Plus, it's a good spot to go to after a day's worth of shopping at nearby Dolphin Mall (which is really an outlet) or an even nearer Miami International Mall (which is a much more traditional mall).

                    I always get the steak sandwich there... just thinking of that and the buns makes me drool.

                  2. Think I have also seen one on Biscayne before Aventura Mall.... did it close down?

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                      That one closed, and the one I went to most of my life in Kendall (on US1 and SW 104th Street that I mentioned upthread) also closed. My brother said it's more of a biker bar/restaurant now, and they still make decent burgers to try to keep the old Fudd's clientele, but of course it isn't the same.

                    2. There is a Fuddruckers listed on Forest Hills Blvd. Wellington.

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                        yeah, went there a few weeks ago. Hubby reembered it from childhood, i never been there and I loved it!!!! And I'm not a big burger eater besides mickey d's & BK..... shame on me, I know.....

                      2. The pinecrest location at US1 and 104th street has been gone for close to a year- it is now some type of sports bar, haven't tried it yet. One Burger on Alhambra in Coral Gables is supposed to have great burgers- haven't been myself yet, but my son and the local press raved about it.

                        1. The reason you can't find Fuddruckers is the origional Franchisee's husband passed away. She unfortunately let her 11 stores drop below corporate standards, there by loosing her territory. A dynamic new opperator stepped in and opened in Doral, Hialeah at the Westland Mall, and in Pembrook Pines.

                          We negotiated on a couple of spaces in West Kendall, and Downtown Miami, but could not come to an agreement with the developers. I will assume you will see more around, as these owners have the right formula for a great establishment!

                          1. My grandparents loved Fudrdruckers( they live in Sunrise). They were pretty upset when it closed. They started going to Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger, but the one in Sunrise closed too.

                            1. There is a new Fuddruckers open at the Shoppes at Pembroke, the new outdoor shopping center off of Pines Blvd and 75.
                              We went to RA (sushi place) for drinks, no food, last weekend. The cucumber martini was pretty good, but a little too sweet. I'll ask for less syrup next time. The staff was very friendly.

                              the Grape Merchant is also there with a pretty wide selection of wines by the glass in a nice, comfortable setting.
                              They also serve cheese, pate, and other bites for relatively inexpensive prices. We snacked on a large wedge of brie, a whole baguette, and two red wine flights (three 2 or 4 oz pours) all for less than $30. We ended up taking over half the cheese and bread home with us to snack on later.

                              Nice to have something new in this part of Broward.