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Mar 3, 2007 05:47 PM

Allen and Son's BBQ

I had lunch at Allen and Son's today. It had been a while since my last visit, and while I've always enjoyed eating there, today was an absolute sublime experience. I still can't believe how good is was! The pork was not minced extremely fine like so many other places do it but had a nice mix of large and small pieces with some great outside brown; it had that full, rich smoky flavor; moist but with only a little sauce (dip) on it, but with a bottle of delicous, vinegary, peppery sauce provided to add to it. The hushpuppies were perfect...crunchy exterior, moist interior, not greasy, not dried out. I haven't tried every bbq place in NC, and even the worst nc bbq is pretty good, but Allen's is the gold standard for me. Absolute pefection! It costs more than most places, but its well worth it.

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  1. Did you try any of their desserts? They make a mean cobbler or pie.

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    1. re: bbqme

      (if you can get them not to nuke it, which seems to be SOP)

      1. re: peetoteeto

        Don't understand the big deal with nuking? All that's eing done is exciting the water molecules. I prefer warm cobbler so that it slowly melts the ice cream.

        1. re: bbqme

          My key lime "poundcake" nuked was a disaster. Perhaps it was the Crisco inside. But it was a major downer to an otherwise-unbelievable meal.

          Nuked cobbler may be a different story.

      2. re: bbqme

        oh yeah...forgot to mention the Key Lime pound cake. Wonderful!!! And thankfully, it never occured to me to have it "nuked". I actually got it to go and had it for dinner that night.

      3. I've had the sandwich the last few times I've been and it seems to get greasier and greasier each time I go. Maybe my late lunch gets the bottom of the bin?

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        1. re: willdaddy

          I don't know what would explain that...I've never experienced greasy Q at Allen's.

        2. Finally tried Allen and Son for the first time this evening. Took me long enough to make it there because of the split sentiments about the place (truly a love OR hate relationship). I fall into the "it's amazing" camp.

          The bbq was not greasy at all (in fact, my fiancee from Arkansas would have preferred her meat to be a bit more moist, but of course their style of bbq involves a lot of sauce to begin with). I LOVED the hickory smoke flavor that came through in the meat, setting it in a league of its own compared to all other bbq joints I've tried in the area. I also like the "mixed" nature of the meat - not homogenously shredded but a mix of shredded with tougher (browner) chunks - a good variety to keep things interesting. The cole slaw and brunswick stew sides set the meat off extremely well.

          The hushpuppies were tremendous. Crispy on the outside, hot, moist, and crumbly on the inside. So far, they're the only hushpuppies I've sampled in the area that do hushpuppies justice (I have high standards coming from N. Florida where fried seafood/hushpuppies are king).

          The desserts were to die for - both the chocolate pie and peanut butter pie were the "roll your eyes backward into her head" quality of good.

          A 10 min. drive from my place down sylvan country roads to a clearing in the forest to get this sumptuous stuff? Yeah, I'll be back...OFTEN.

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          1. re: mikeh


            You are a lucky man! Not only do you live 10 minutes from the best food on planet earth, you have the discriminating tastebuds and good sense to know it.

            Try the key lime pound cake next time!

          2. Have any of you ever tried the Saturday morning breakfast at Allen and Son? Seems like it would be quite promising...

            1. willdaddy is right. Whatever the aura around Allen & Sons was, it is now gone. The last two times we've been there, the bbq was too greasy to eat. The time before that it was WAY dry.... I've spent my last $$$ on bbq at Allen & Sons.

              On the other hand, they do have ribs on Wednesday nights that aren't too bad, especially if you don't have time to prepare them yourself.