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Mar 3, 2007 05:44 PM

Dolmades and frozen maltese treats

I usually buy up all the dolmades that the place in St. Lawrence Market (greek place) makes. HOWEVER, the last four times they didn't have them. They are homemade, not those briny canned ones and are filled with white rice and a hint of ground lamb. Very lemony and delicious.

Secondly, where can I get those delicious cheesy maltese treats frozen to bake off myself?

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  1. MALTA BAKE SHOP at 3256 Dundas St. West in to St. Paul the Apostle church. THE place for authentic maltese food. They do provide several pastries (frozen I believe) that you can take home and cook sure to buy a few fresh pastizzi (cheese or pea) when there.

    1. you can also buy the Malta Bake Shop's frozen pastries at Highland Farms - I buy them from the location at Kennedy/Ellesmere