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Jul 10, 2005 02:32 AM

Looking for good beef ravioli in the South Bay

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Anyone have any leads on finding a restaurant that serves a nice big plate of good beef ravioli between Palo Alto and San Jose? How's the ravioli at Original Joe's? I'm looking for non-soggy/mushy pasta. I'd prefer something with some nice chew.

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  1. Ravioli's in West San Jose on Prospect
    Florentine's in Cupertino on De Anza Blvd.

    And for DIY'ers, there's a great selection at Cosentino's on Homestead and Lawrence.

    1. OJ's has a good beef and spinach as well as a good cheese ravioli. Suggest ordering it with the meat and mushrooms sauce.

      FAVORITE ravioli comes from La Villa Deli in Willow Glen on Lincoln Avenue. People line up on Saturdays to get their fix. Closed on Sunday and Monday.

      1. have you tried Paradiso's Deli in San Jose? Old little place on Auzerais near the now defunct Del Monte plant (being developed now, so follow the giant cranes). Good ravioli, many other things, and no line, like its neighbor La Villa (also very good, but who wants to wait half an hour for lunch?). Also, there is always a place to sit and eat (funky back room).

        1. I love OJ's ravioli, and Paradiso is just a classic place, with ravs almost as good. I would say both are pretty "mushy" though. You have to try Paradiso for lunch if you haven't been.

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            Are we talking Chef Boyardee "you can chew it with your tongue" mushy, or just "not al dente" mushy?